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Tieflings and other plane-touched are descended from a wide variety of sources. Human/Rilmani: A rare mating, but the offspring will be aasimar, tiefling or. The standard Aasimar is a human-celestial hybrid, but there is a sidebar on the SRD that describes non-human Aasimar. In short: Non-human. Nov 27, Explore Steve McWhorter’s board “Aasimar Tiefling Genasi” on Pinterest. | See more ideas about Character ideas, Character art and Character.

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This includes art commissions, modules, maps, podcasts, streams, etc, whether you are charging for them or not.


This is purely a DM musing. However, many people interperet Tieflings as only one step removed from a full-blown half-fiend, if even that. Aasi,ar will be my solution too.

To preface my answers: Check out the Filter FAQ.

Aasimar/Tiefling Interactions : DnD

Yup, his father was a fallen angel. I suppose it would look like an angel of death.

They just feel really uncomfortable and only speak out when they know they’re in the majority. I have no idea where the names Tiefling, Aasimar, or Genasi come from in the first place.

I don’t think so. Their appearance matches their dominant bloodline. Aasimar and Tiecling are a mite differant in the fluff, though. How about you can see celestials abberitions, undead, and fiends for 60 ft one foot of any solid material or one inch of lead blocks this sight. I really like how you don’t try to stitch two different races together, but just give them a completely different theme. I vote for Assling.


The concordant killer was revised as the “discord incarnate” for 4e’s Zasimar Gravebut they completely ruined the backstory, in my opinion. You know the thaumaturgy cantrip. How was this helpful?

Taking two opposing templates could weaken each other enough to do the same thing and make the child just planetouched or it could make the child a half-fiend or aasikar celestial along the lines of a celestial or fiendish planar union with a prime material creature from the Monster Manual.

Zasimar about a planetouched human with 2 heritage feats: I suppose the child could also be a tiefling or an aasimar. Anyway I’m surprised no one has noticed the actual titles of this thread.

Want to add to the discussion? Hmmm, I sorta suspected that the end result would be “homebrew”.

But the halflings don’t seem to have any problems. Most fiends have tails Asaimar it even be possible in your worlds? I think this is a good topic aasimra show off a character I’ve made up some time ago: Look at the mule A few more pages and we are going to discuss freaking Book of Erotic Fantasy! It doesn’t come up often, but I can’t see why a Water Tieflint can’t be descendant of a Devil somewhere down the line and get a couple things from both race feature lists and, more importantly, look really exotic.


Most apps include their own filtering systems. I’m talking about changing the color scheme black wings? Your speed doesn’t change. Made for interesting Character development as the character had to figure out what path in life he wanted to proceed, down the route of evil or good with neither path being “bad” in his mind as his family displayed both kinds of people.

Any features derived from their tiefling parent would be tievling with traits from the aasimar’s own.

I want to play an aasimar and was wondering why they always look like a human. Log in or sign up in seconds.