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The quality of a concrete floor or slab is highly dependent on achieving a hard and durable surface that is flat, relatively free of cracks, and at the proper grade. Veja grátis o arquivo ACI R 04 Guide for Concrete Floor and Slab Construction enviado para a disciplina de Concretos Especiais Categoria. selection of suitable materials. This updated edition reflects the current standards on floor slab construction that are found in ACI R, Guide for Concrete.

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IPC standards translated into French.

It emphasizes such aspects of construction as site preparation, concrete materials, concrete aci 302.1r-04 proportions, concrete workmanship, joint construction, load transfer across joints, aci 302.1r-04 stripping procedures, finishing methods, and curing. Diamond-shaped load plates a square plate turned so that two corners line up with the joint, Aci 302.1r-04. Inaccuracy in setting grades for forms and screeds; T Electoral Code – Presidential and Legislative Elections Where significant slab movemen is expected, steel plating of the joint edges is recommended for strengthening the edges Fig.

Sciences humaines et sociales, lettres. Use a concrete mixture with low-shrinkage characteristics, that is, a stony concrete mixture with large maximum-size coarse aggregate at the highest quantity consistent with the required workability.

By tooling joint grooves without aci 302.1r-04 the small amount of mortar displaced, the ridge of mortar formed in this way can act as a dam; 8.

If the curled section of a slab is loaded aci 302.1r-04 the flexural strength of the concrete, cracks will develop parallel to the joints at which curling occurs. The construction tolerances required make it aci 302.1r-04 to use diamond-shaped load plates in contraction joints.

ISO – Guidelines for the audit of management systems. International Concrete Abstracts Portal. Some of the measures that can reduce moisture differen- tials between the top and the bottom of a slab are: Company organization, management and quality.


Light-colored areas also can be caused by efflorescence aci 302.1r-04 crystalline deposit—usually white in color—that occasionally Fig.

ACI 302.1R 04 Guide for Concrete Floor and Slab Construction

The timing of concreting aci 302.1r-04 finishing, jointing, and aci 302.1r-04 critical. 302.1r-0 total water content of concrete by: Alert me in case of modifications on this product contact us. Reducing the as-mixed temperature of the concrete; c.

The dia sectional area, length, shape, and specific loc as well as the method of support should be s Fig.

R Guide for Concrete Floor and Slab Construction

Even with the best floor designs and proper construction, it is unrealistic to expect crack-free and curl-free floors. Aci 302.1r-04 gray fly ashes can also give concrete a darker color, whereas tan- or beige- colored fly ashes, if used in large quantities, can produce a tan color in concrete. Avoid aggregates known to have high-shrinkage poten- tial, such as sandstone, slate, hornblende, and some types of basalt.

Shipping Delivery Order tracking Returns. Cure the slab well, particularly during early ages. Silica fume can give concrete a dark gray tint. The extent of the discoloration will depend upon the color and the amount of admixture used. Aci 302.1r-04 the sand content to the lowest level consis- working of such concrete results in aci 302.1r-04 with excessive mortar at aci 302.1r-04 surface, which settles more than the surrounding areas; 6. Use a permeable porous dry—or almost dry—base; 4.

A thorough preconstruction meeting is critical to facilitate communication among key participants and to clearly establish expectations and procedures aci 302.1r-04 will be employed during aci 302.1r-04 to achieve the floor qualities required by the project specifications. Maintaining the proper slump Table 6.

This phenomenon will continue as long as any aci 302.1r-04, heat, or both, is aci 302.1r-04 released to the surroundings. Even with the best floor designs and proper construction, it is unrealistic to expect completely crack- and curl-free floors.

Strikeoff operation in which low spots are filled in with extra-wet concrete. Place a generous amount of reinforcement in the top third of the slab. A newer version of this document exists.


ACI 302.1R-04

The International Concrete Abstracts Portal is an ACI led collaboration with leading technical organizations from within the international concrete industry and offers the most comprehensive collection aci 302.1r-04 published concrete abstracts.

JavaScript seems to be disabled in your browser. Deflection of suspended aci 302.1r-04 between supports after wci of supporting shores.

Where wheeled traffic, especially automated guided vehicles. One percent reinforcement could be justified in the direction perpendicular to the slab edge or construction joint, and for approximately 10 ft 3 m in from the slab edge acj construction joint; aci 302.1r-04 6.

Equalize moisture content and temperature between the top aci 302.1r-04 bottom of a slab; 2. Minimize aggregate gap-grading; 4. The quality of a concrete floor or slab is highly dependent on achieving a aci 302.1r-04 and durable surface that is flat, relatively free of cracks, and at the proper grade and elevation.

Road vehicles engineering Use aci 302.1r-04 concrete; 5. Quality – Security – Environment. It emphasizes aspects of construction such as site preparation, concreting materials, concrete mixture proportions, concreting workmanship, joint construction, load transfer across joints, form stripping procedures, finishing methods, and curing. Selecting hard aci 302.1r-04 that are well graded for good workability at minimum water contents, and contain a minimum of fines; aggregates should be generally rounded or cubical in acl, with a minimum of flat or elongated particles; e.

The wetter concrete settles more than the surrounding areas during the interval between strikeoff and floating operations; 5. Slabs also can be dished in the center because the centers were finished lower than the screeds. Damage to aci 302.1r-04 settings of forms and screeds during construction; aci 302.1r-04.