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It was on that, Minaya, that the whole world was depending. Yala opportunely advantageous marriage, to someone strong, who can resolve the situation in which we find ourselves They married me without thinking twice! If I would like, what? Why do I suffer then? As if she were to do it.

God knows you have suffered, my child. I will ask for help.

Not anillos para una dama antonio gala this, not like this Let the water venders, the little boys that play anilos, the bartenders overhear; let the messengers overhear I am also tired of those big words you talk about Oh, Virgin of Covadonga! We will be forgotten by the world How painful it has been, for one and all to go creating this kingdom.


For him to arrange things for you both yet again.

They have let me enter to prove to you that everything is impossible. Because if he only made love those times with me, what an anillos para una dama antonio gala life the unhappy one was stuck with.

They have let me enter And our destiny, whether we want it or not, is called the Cid and he will be between us until the end like a cold blade In bed less than in other places.

Anillos para una dama (Rings for a Lady): Citeste online @ rcp

Listening to us, watching us Let me leave from History, anillos para una dama antonio gala God, and conceal myself in the antonko hidden corner And you love me? The king and your daughter have been talking a long time in secret, and now they both have calm faces Almost without daring to ask And Minaya? Constanza enters, followed by Minayaa. Tries a different approach.


She turns her back ostentatiously.

In order to have him far away, I figure, while the king deliberates The deaf one now is me The women near her to hold her up. And I loved him.

We will carry him with us. That, and that I have lost you. What I can do is order.

I will lock you up, Jimena. If you would like For a hero, even intimacy should be clean. They let Jimena leave first. Anyone can come in here, daughter.

At our age people defend life, what they have done. If you wanted to forget Rodrigo for the anillos para una dama antonio gala of Minaya, you have chosen badly; Minaya will always end up driving you back toward Rodrigo. The rest of the people from different parts start to enter, except Minaya.