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About Ahmed Deedat. Ahmed Hoosen Deedat (July – 8 August ) was a South African writer and public speaker of Indian descent. The book refers to the long Arab-Jewish conflict that sees no end. Deedat shows according to Genesis, Arabs have a legitimate claim to the land as do the Jews. Or Conciliation? Front Cover. Ahmed Deedat. International Islamic Publishing House, – Jewish-Arab relations – 78 pages QR code for Arabs and Israel.

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This is how the Holy Qur’an reasons with the Jews and the Christians.

Arabs And Israel ; Conflict Or Conciliation?

Uth Afrirn will rifcljBte witii Rsbb- D. They remain forever Mmmaculate What a Tribute! Beginning with the first Book of the Bible: Who will do the job? While the whole world is crying for ‘I’Peace!

Arabs and Israel: Conflict Or Conciliation? – Ahmed Deedat – Google Books

No man can see God and live! This amount sounds like a mere pittance coflict, but this was more than three years, oil revenue of Saudi Arabia the largest producer of oil ahmrd the Middle East. They are simple and extremely good-hearted. Jewish student from the University of Cape Town retorted: Next came the magazines Time,’ ‘Newsweek,’ etc.

History has an uncanny habit of repeating itself Don’t be deceived by your Pyrrhic victories. Townsend to visit me at home for dinner. They had all expected me to speak to them in English but this was something different.


Change the label and! So the body has to be constantly drugged wars and strife over a great period of time to accept the foreign heart.

Arabs and Israel – conflict or conciliation?

adn I knew then that anybody with an atom concilitaion compassion in his heart would feel the same or a little less. I then said, ‘Why not come to my house, I will feed them with what we Muslims eat, play some Indian music in the background; and take them on a tour to the Largest Mosque in the Southern Hemisphere which is in the centre of the City. If a Muslim learned man such as a Sheikh or Imam takes the name or names of any of these holy personages without adding the phrases of love, respect and reverence, this Sheikh.

Yasser Alotaibi rated it really liked it May 27, Twelve united tribes of Israel against each divided village state, with their little village chief whom you called “kings! There is no acrimony between us The amazing thing with this Jewish tittle-tattle about Abraham, Sarah and the King is that only six chapters further on his son Isaac is made to play the same trick on the same king Abimelech, king of the Philistines, looked out at a window, and saw, and beheld, Isaac was”.


As the Jews did unto Jesus, their children did unto me. Gargling the mouth and brushing the teeth is also a part of it. Eschew their pride, their arrogance, their rebelliousness which lead them to their repeated bandages. The person is washing, not because he is. Hitler, the holocaust, the pogroms, the massacre of thousands of innocent.

The most intriguing being the Sujood prostrations. To which the Muslim world in practice says ‘We will not read Will we ever benefit from the open secrets revealed by the Jews in their own literature?

Beare, “Have you seen the Qur’an, sir! Because of certain technical reasons it was not good enough to be included in our circuit. Enquiries about Islam from the general public in South Africa ahjed started to pour in at an increasing rate. See verse 26 and. Fairfax offered to teach an extra session on the Bible and how to preach to Christians about Islam.

God will judge you! How respectfully you are being addressed! But Anwar Sadat of.