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I have written these reviews in the order of which I read them, which coincidentally was the order in which Leon Uris wrote them. As stated in. Armageddon by Leon Uris not only great fiction, but also a wonderful historical fiction book, interweaving fictional characters with historical. Armageddon by Leon Uris – book cover, description, publication history.

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I gave up on this book. The Journey in Between. The backdrop of this was that American leaders and citizens wanted to bring home the troops and forget the war while the Russians wanted to continue their adsorption of the countries of the west and the expansion of their empire across the world. Berlin Airlift came and armagedon, and Uris made sure that I didn’t know who did what. The weight of his research, like the force of his prejudices, reduced reviewers and readers to a feeling that they had been mugged.

The plot and the history are worth a four or more, but the characters and their relationships warranted a three or less.

Through the massive success of his novels and his skill as a storyteller, Uris has had enormous influence keon popular understanding of twentieth-century history.

He masterfully uses his characters to illustrate the difficulties that come when the victor in a conflict must eventually learn to live with the people they have beaten.


He also wrote the screenplays for Battle Cry and Gunfight at the O. Still throughout the novel, he do Finally, I read Armageddon on my Kindle, a novel I had wanted read to for a very long time. A City of Broken Glass. Research to me is as important, or more important, than the writing. Rarely does a single author, in a single book, describe the view from 30, feet figuratively speaking, although he does describe Berlin from a pilot’s point of view, literally, also as well as pinpoint the day-to-day experiences of such a wide variety of characters.

Much like a film maker who makes a masterpiece, the public expects each subsequent film to be the same. There was a problem adding your email address.

An Intellectual Mediocrity: Armageddon – Leon Uris

American characters appear in his novels largely through their devotion to the cause of Jewish statehood – as, for example, the journalist Mark Parker in Exodus. May 12, happy rated it it was amazing Shelves: R over coveted Berlin. Perhaps I’ll try again someday when I’m less politically correct and more able to I gave up on this book.


If you are like me, and like SOME of those details, but are more interested in the people involved in the story, then you will probably need to adopt my method of reading this book, along with a healthy dose of skimming over certain sections of the story. He then went to Warner Brothers in Hollywood helping to write the movie, which was extremely popular with the public, if not the critics. That should be the best part of the book, yet it felt uneven and difficult to appreciate how much was really at stake – in part because the characters introduced toward the end are one-dimensional, and in part because the author gives little insight into the Soviet side of affairs.

His story is in essence a commemoration of the patriotism of heroes who held the line in a thankless, demanding ordeal as they fought the first Cold War battles against the Communists for the West’s foothold in Berlin.

Now, having said all those things, boy did I learn a lot about Berlin during this time period. Later he went on to write The Angry Hills, a novel set in war-time Greece.

We appreciate your feedback. Did he go Hollywood too early in his career? It focuses on the relationship between the victorious conquerors Americans, French, British and Russians and their former Nazi enemies and becomes a true battle between the Allies and Communist U.

Then comes the real thing, the major task: Uris is a fine story teller with a penchant for the dramatic and slavish attention to historical detail. This one took me weeks. I can’t say for sure, because Uris covered his tracks really well. A Novel of Berlin, which reveals the detailed work by British and American intelligence services in planning for the occupation and pacification of post WWII Germany; Trinity, an epic novel about Ireland’s struggle for independence; QB VII, a novel about the role of a Polish doctor in a German concentration camp ; and The Haj, with insights into the history of the Middle East and the secret machinations of foreigners which have led to today’s turmoil.


They are still as accurate today as they were then. The last pages, however, seemed rushed and little disjointed from the rest of the book. Coming in at pages I feel compelled to say a few words about this novel.

It is full of history, the clash of ideologies between Russians and the West, the good Germans versus the bad ones, and the ruin of a country and society after a terrible war. Many other cultural stereotypes – the learned Jew, the pious Jew, and the streetwise Jew as entrepreneur – were similarly dismissed. You may need to keep a pen and paper handy to make note of some of the many characters involved, both U.

For some reason, I had trouble connecting with several of the major characters. Being divided into four parts, the first two parts of the book, about pages are simply superb!

All this was going on when the citizens of the U. In fact, I am awed arjageddon the amount and expanse of research that must have gone into uriw. There’s not a lot of “jolly, happy, ho-ho-ho” in here.

The novel ends before the actual airlift but by that stage the Allies had perfected their system so much that the population was obviously not going to starve. This was my first Uris historical novel.

Armageddon: A Novel of Berlin

Mar 21, Mary rated it really liked it. Then more than halfway through, I realized that I still didn’t remember the protagonist’s name.

The death of both his brothers and his discovery of a concentration camp leaves Sean as a German-hater. He never left me hanging on a clif This book is a phenomenal piece of writing that tells the story of the reparation of Germany after WWII armageedon the big four allied powers. That caused some issues for me. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.