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ARSOF U.S. ARMY SPECIAL OPERATIONS COMMAND ARSOFis special edition produced under the auspices of Special Warfare by the United. ARSOF <. ///FROM THE COMMANDER. The U.S. Army Special Operations Command is celebrating its 25th anniversary. An important milestone. 15 Aug ARSOF Next; A Return to First Principles brings the ARSOF vision full . ARSOF first articulated the USASOC vision for the future.

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By honing our special warfare and surgical strike capabilities and matching them with state-of-the-art technology used by educated and culturally 202 Soldiers we can ensure the defense of our nation and help to shore up that of our partners. The Human Domain is about developing understanding of, and nurturing influence among critical populaces.

Once viewed as separate and isolated operations, the operating environment may change rapidly, resulting in what may begin as a foreign internal defense operation transitioning to a UW operation, or vice versa, as conditions change in the country due to time or disruptive events such as coups d’etats.

During World War I, aerial platforms were used as a means of fire and observation in land combat. Executed unilaterally or collaboratively, surgical strike extends operational reach and influence by engaging global targets discriminately and precisely.

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Army Resourcing and Planning Documents. Programs conducted to relieve or reduce the results of natural or man made disasters or other endemic conditions 202 as human pain, disease, hunger, or privation that might present a serious threat to life arsod that can result in great damage to or loss of property.

It presents objectives for developing future capabilities that will move ARSOF from the force of today to the force of tomorrow. The results will be standardized and made available through a supporting IT system and will directly lead to a DOTMLPF solution to eliminate the current vulnerabilities or best prepare the future force to meet the challenges of the operating environment.

Invest in Human Capital 2. Using this guidance, we have developed a strategic framework for our way forward. Maintain pace in modernization of platforms and force structure to provide comparative advantage to execute precision aviation missions in the future operating environment. Technological advances and operational paradigms continue to drive increased requirements for secure and non-secure, real-time communications leveraging multimodal, cloud-based mesh-network technology. We should embrace an approach to resourcing that is highly agile and encourages our regionally aligned forces to be as varied and unique as their areas of operations and missions require, including leveraging COTS solutions and improved mechanisms to locally procure equipment that is indigenous to the area of operations.


Full text of “ARSOF [ U. S. Army Special Operations Command]”

Unconventional warfare became a mission for the U. While that cannot change, we are not content to maintain the status quo, because failure is not an option. Skilled SOF operational planners and leaders routinely mesh special warfare and surgical strike afsof to conduct SOF campaigns in support of joint and interagency efforts. And in the 21st cen- tury, we do not have the luxury of deciding which challenges to prepare for and which to ignore.

ARSOF personnel will be prepared to utilize the Cyber Domain to enhance operations both with internal means and external support.

Proliferation of smart phones, mobile devices and social media present unprecedented opportunities for both adversary and U. Over the next 10 years, USASOC will make a concerted effort to address this critical gap and others by rebalancing the force and developing an enhanced ARSOF capability to conduct special warfare in concert with joint and interagency partners. By embracing the changes outlined within ARSOFwe will be prepared to thrive in the complex operating environment of the 21st century.

To support the development of these operational-level efforts, theater special operations commands required individuals with competency to design plans. They love what they do. To enhance our surgical strike capability we must develop innovative means to increase organic ARSOF capability to conduct the find, fix, finish, exploit, analyze and disseminate F3EAD targeting cycle regardless of the austerity or complexity of the environment.

Countries where state-sponsored, non- state and transnational actors operate typically have weak and corrupt central governments, high unemployment, exorbitant poverty levels, limited internal infrastructure, deep ethnic and religious divisions and a history of humanitarian issues.


In Augustthe U. As the Department of Defense and U. As the Vietnam War wound down, international and American public opinion was outraged by widespread bombing campaigns that resulted in the loss of innocent 20022. UWSTA continues research, theory development and testing and policy formulation for the use of the Internet, social media and emergent means of singular and mass communication technologies and capabilities.

Employment of specialized SOF aircraft and uniquely qualified SOF air crews for the rescue of personnel from enemy territory or denied areas whenever conventional combat search and rescue techniques and capabilities are inadequate.

Throughout our nation’s history, Army special operations forces have conducted sensitive military-strike operations to achieve some of our most critical strategic objectives. We qrsof increasingly need special operations campaign designers and 22022 who understand the full range of special operations capabilities and can weave their operations together over time to achieve U.

The Year in Special Operations by Faircount Media Group – Issuu

Its mission is to promote the professional development of special operations forces by providing a forum for the examination of established doctrine and new ideas. Preventing or deterring hybrid conflict short of all-out war is demanding. History teaches us that the nations that grow comfortable with the old ways and complacent in the face of new threats, those nations do not long endure.

ARSOF is a blueprint for change. If you know yourself but not the enemy, for every victory gained you will also suffer a defeat. Special warfare Soldiers possess expertise in tactics, combat-adviser skills, military deception, sabotage and subversion, expertise in foreign language, relationship-building skills, cultural understanding, adaptive decision making and cognitive problem solving.

We cannot win the current fight without preserving the force and its families.