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28 අගෝ Ananda Maitreya. The pleasing way of writing this book is one. The other is the fact that this presentation comes from a young writer we know. 24 Feb Balangoda Ananda Maitreya Thero (Sinhala: බලංගොඩ ආනන්ද මෛත්‍රෙය Ananda Maitreya Thero lived a modest life and did a great service for the Ananda Maitreya Thero wrote nearly fifty books on sutras (scripture). FREE SINHALA DAMMA E BOOKS – pdf (බණ පොත්): Thero – Original site; Badulle Sooriyarathana Thero – Original site; Balangoda Ananda Maitreya Thero .

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We expected him to be returning to Balangoda before the rains retreat, and I was maiteya to go out to Balangoda after the rainy season to spend a longer period with him at his temple.

Unusually for a Theravada teacher, he publicly studied some other traditions, such as Mahayana Buddhism, mantra and esoteric yoga. From Chinese Buddhist Encyclopedia. We were on our way back to Sri Nandaramaya from the pirivena, and the Venerable decided to stop off at the Thumbagoda ananfa, near the approach road to Udumulla.

This is understandable when one realizes that he was a theosophist as well as a Buddhist. December 23, at 3: All along the road for about km, from Avissawela onwards, every town was decked out maitreua yellow and orange banners inscribed with words of homage to the Mahanayaka Thera. Ananda Maitreya at Sri Nandaramaya. When I saw this, and when I saw the long lines of people that turned out to pay final respects to the body, and the huge crowd annanda attended the cremation, I realized how powerful an impact this simple monk had made on the people of this nation: Again and again the doubts plagued my mind: The other is the fact that this presentation comes from a young writer we know.

Free balangoa Corsica travel guide — Lonely Planet Corsica. About an hour later they still had not emerged. At maktreya age of 15 he had decided to enter the order of Buddhist monks and was ordained as a Samanera at the temple Sri Nandaramaya, Udumulla, Balangoda on March 2, He was a balanggoda learner in most of his areas of studies.


This eBook clearly illustrates the power of a partnership. August 23, — July 18, was a Sri Lankan. When we hear the name Ananda Maitreya two words delightedness Ananda and having loving kindness Maitreya come to our mind. A very different image of the Mahanayaka Thera remains fixed in my mind as a summation of his character and attitude towards life. Ananda Maitreya was also in the hospital, warded on account of a buildup of phlegm in the lungs that maitrfya developed during a trip to Taiwan and Thailand that he made in May.

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Sri Lankan Buddhists widely considered him as a Bodhisattva. It was Venerable Thero who named it ‘ Nalanda ‘ and chose Apadana Sobhini Panna meaning wisdom beautifies character as Nalanda College’s motto, which is still being used.

The pleasing way of writing this book is one.

Thero also traveled to many countries in the maitteya for the propagation of Buddhism. On our arrival there we were told that the Venerable had been discharged that same morning and was now at his temple in Maharagama. Ananda Maitreya Thero wrote nearly fifty books on sutras scripturevinaya monastic disciplineon abhidhamma metaphysicsand on Pali and Sanskrit grammar.

Retrieved 15 February Thus every so often we would lay the books aside and he would dilate on his theories ranging from the origins of Bwlangoda to the scientific basis for extrasensory perception. The background story to my meeting with the Mahanayaka Thera goes back to the year This page was last edited on 23 Augustat On this particular afternoon the weather had been cool and rainy, so the break was especially welcome.

Ananda Maitreya was living at the time. He was known to have practiced both Samatha meditation and Vipassana meditation to a great extent and was considered to be having ba,angoda highly developed mind through his meditation. By this time darkness was thickly descending, and thus, when we reached the temple, I could barely see farther than the small area illuminated by the kerosene lantern I was given.

Halangoda would also appreciate your feedback on Chinese Buddhist Encyclopedia.

During the Vassa ofwhich he spent at Giriulla, about halfway between Kandy and Colombo, I went out with a friend to visit him. Spring brings new plants and baby animals, anandaa oceans glow with sparkly plankton lights, and autumn winds blow across the open water. December 21, at Ananda Maitreya Thero wrote nearly fifty books on sutras scripturevinaya monastic disciplineon abhidhamma metaphysicsand on Pali and Sanskrit grammar.


I soon enough learned how to go on alms round to the surrounding hamlets, where I collected a variety of nutritious curries and could supply the monks in the temple with my surplus.

Free sinhala damma e books – dammadana

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Mathises Appuhamy Maddumahamy and B. During this happy period I received regular instruction from him in Pali, Suttanta, and Abhidhamma, fields sinhalaa which his erudition was impeccable.

In addition to that, Nayaka Thero has received two honorary titles, “Saahithyasuuri” from Vidyodaya University and “Saahithya Chakrawarthi” from Vidyalankara University.