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Predictive Techniques of Bhrigu NadiDr. Shanker Adawal (Jyotishaacharya, PHD , MBA) Published in Starteller, March A Planet changes its chara. Know About Bhrigu Nadi – A Short Sequence of Notes. Jupiter’s influence – A Bhrigu Study – Post One Astrology has a number of different systems, one of which. 3 Jan As according to the principle of Bhrigu Nadi ‘Saturn aspected by planets or the planets aspecting Saturn’s 2nd house denotes the working.

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Bhrrigu the above chart Saturn is placed in the sign Simha Leo aspected by Mars being trine to SaturnJupiter is retrograde, according to the rules of retrogression it should give some effects of the previous house also. If disposition is strong — courageous b. Since Saturn is alone, the planets in the 2 nd house has a strong influence in deciding about the livelihood of the native.

This is the case of a female native who have struggled a lot. In Bhrigu Nadi System, the methodology to be followed in analyzing the events are i there is no concept of ascendant. In the 2nd house Mars is strongly placed and hence the native is engaged in those types of business. All the twelve Rasis have their bhrihu nature like Mesha is a fiery, dry, technical, bhriu the ability to change the form by fire, powerful, dominating etc.

Nadi Easy Method of Determining Profession – Jyotish – The Divine Science

Email required Address never made public. Mars is chemical and Jupiter also is posited in a watery sign.

The 2nd house there from i. Case — 6 This is the case of a lady who now is the principal of an Engineering Institute. Mercury in the 10th House Good deeds, highly courageous, reputed, highly prosperous, eye diseases in the 28th year. Diabetes through Window of Astrology. For detailed understanding one should have the brief idea about the nature of all the planets and the Rasi Karakatwas.


Acquires good education by the 15th year a. Post was not sent – check your email addresses! Dublin Ireland Here, one can notice that Saturn is exalted, Venus and Mercury is posited in the 2nd house from Saturn. He is one of the all time greatest Astrologer.

bhrlgu The sign lord or sign dispositor of Rahu is Mars who himself is a planet related with machines and machineries. Here, one can notice that Saturn is exalted, Venus and Mercury is posited in the 2nd house from Saturn. If conjunct benefices — Gain of conveyance and horse in the 24th year, good spouse. This is one of the special rule of Sage Bhrigu. They have a wine shop.

We only take the 7th aspect into consideration and no other aspect, which is again a deviation to be remembered. If conjunct Rahu or Saturn -Rheumatic shooting pains, quarrels with distant relatives c. After proper advice through astrological explanation, he agreed.

Nadi Easy Method of Determining Profession

What the Sage probably intended to indicate to bhrigi is that the Saturn is desire-less and when he is aspected by some other planets nadi aspect or is associated with some other planets he will be influenced by the same or when he is alone, not aspected by any planet it will be enriched with the energy or energies of the next house. The 2nd house from Saturn is of watery nature and watery planets are posited nwdi and the native is earning naid lot in selling the foreign liquors as their shop is a big one and and is the only shop selling foreign liquors.


Jupiter gave him enough knowledge in Astrology. I am very sorry for my late reply me Ravi. Saturn is the owner of the two succeeding signs i. According to the general rule of Astrology 10th house, its lord, its dispositor, the aspects there of decides the livelihood of any bhritu. Mercury in the ascendant Learned, proficiency in witchcraft and black magic, sweet talk, kind hearted, pilgrimage in the 27th year. Sale of goods was Rs per day.

It is an important limbo of Vedic astrology. Vrishchika Scorpio Rasi falls under Jalatattwa. If disposition is strong -Prosperous nephews d.

Bill Gates Saturn is exalted in this chart and with his bosom friend Venus and with Sun in the house of Venus — A money oriented sign. Talkative, good number of children, interest in Sastras, contented, rich, praiseworthy habits. The 2nd house from Saturn is also influenced by Venus trineanother indicator of business and money.

Rahu is for Vast and mammoth transactions. Mercury in the 2nd House Talkative, good number of children, interest in Sastras, contented, rich, praiseworthy habits. Again it is a business oriented sign. In this yoga, if conjunct with the lord of the 6th or in debilitation — No such defect, wasteful expenses. Fear of death of uncle, well-being of mother, birth of good children, suspicious nature, intelligence, sweet tongue.

It is with Jupiter in a technical type of Rasi Capricorn has also some sorts of technicality under its Karakatwa.