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2 Feb Cataloging Handbook H6, the alphabetic index of item names, includes a reference to FSC following each Approved Item Name. Changes to. 7 May This Federal Item Identification Guide for Supply Cataloging is issued under the . appear in Cataloging Handbook H6, applicable to this FIIG. The Federal Item Name Directory Search Tool is a logistics web tool developed to search for items of supply by name. Federal Item Name Directory provides.

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The United States is the proponent for the official naming and classification standards.

Each class covers a relatively homogeneous area of commodities, in respect to their physical or performance characteristics, or in the respect that the items included therein are such as are usually requisitioned or issued together, or constitute a related grouping for supply management purposes.

The H2 is catalogjng on the WWW at http: A FIIG is cataloging handbook h6 document handbooj to identify an item by describing its attributes or characteristics in coded format to differentiate it from other items of supply and to establish the supplementary data necessary for cataloging handbook h6 management. Revisions are produced as required. Cataloging Tools Maintenance “Cataloging tools” are the supporting reference publication and data files which support operation of cataloging handbook h6 NCS.



The first two digits of the code number identify the group, and the last two digits of the code number identify the classes within each group. In most instances gaps have been left within each group, between the numbers assigned to adjacent classes, to permit the insertion of new classes in logical sequence, when neces- sary, because cataloging handbook h6 technological cataloging handbook h6 or to accomplish other desirable additions and changes.

Code numbers are so assigned as to make it possible to expand the number of groups and classes as that becomes necessary. The code reflects the source and location of technical documentation for an item. Definitions of each cataloging handbook h6 are also included.

The NCS – A Bridge to Global Logistics Knowledge

For example, Saudi Arabia has produced Arabic versions of both handbooks. Where appropriate, the main inclusions and exclusions, which delimit the coverage of a particular class, cataloging handbook h6 shown immediately following the title for the class. This publication is available on the WEB at www. In order to accomplish this, groups and classes have been established for the universe of commodities, with emphasis on the items known cataloging handbook h6 be in the supply systems of the Federal Government.


It maintains these codification system support files at each NCB by scheduled electronic update.

The following list offers a few examples of the tools that are essential to the success of the NCS. Many participating nations maintain versions of these handbooks in their own national languages. Groups cataloging handbook h6, 27, 33, 50, 57, catalpging, 82, 86, 90, 92, 97, and 98 are currently unassigned.

It is necessary to record each manufacturer’s names against codified items. The FSC utilizes a four-digit coding structure.

Library Menu

The structure of the FSC, as presently established, consists of 78 cataloging handbook h6, which are subdivided into classes. The FSC is a commodity classification cztaloging to serve the functions of supply and is sufficiently comprehensive in scope to permit the classification of all items of personal property.

International Logistics Data Exchange: