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Formas fluidas y refinadas, estilo moderno con atractivos matices de lujo. View and Download Hyundai I10 owner’s manual online. I10 Automobile pdf manual download. i10 (Hyundai Motors) Hyundai i30 Tourer (Wagon) CRDi ( Hyundai Motors) Hyundai Kona T-GDI 4WD DCT Premium (Hyundai.

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Very nice i really loved this new burguer. Set the parking brake make sure gearshift lever is securely posi- tioned in 1st Catalogo hyundai i10 gear or R Reverse for manual transaxle equipped vehicles and in P Park W Page Ambient against freezing and corrosion.

Remove the wheel lug nut wrench, 6. Make sure the vehicle is completely stopped before shifting into R Reverse. HYUNDAI authorised repairer in accor- vapours from escaping into the atmos- dance with the maintenance schedule in phere. Refer to the chart below for the appropriate maintenance intervals. Arm the system as described below. Page Driving your vehicle Park on a level surface and apply Remove the luggage box out of the the parking brake firmly. The head restraint not only provides com- To change the height of the seat cushion, 1.

Page 23 Safety features of catalogo hyundai i10 vehicle To fold down the rear seatback: Page catalogo hyundai i10 Go.

Hyundai parts catalog – I10

Page Maintenance Specifications: This Riding in a vehicle with the seat- tion of the foot pedals, possibly could result in loss of control, This is normal and is catalogo hyundai i10 result of the igni- tion of the air bag inflator. Page Then double-check each nut for tightness. The system automatically turns off the exterior lights when the driver removes the ignition key and opens the driver-side door. Page Maintenance GAUN Blade replacement When the wipers no longer clean ade- quately, the blades may be worn or cracked, and require replacement.


After you’ve loaded your trailer, weigh the trail- er and then the catalogo hyundai i10, separately, to see if the weights are proper. Make sure that all doors and tailgate and engine catalogo hyundai i10 are closed and latched. Page EAUN tainer. Remove the bar code tag and store it in a safe place.

Brake fluid reservoir 4.

Page Features of your vehicle 9. Be sure the vehicle is on level ground.

Hyundai Grand i10 – Manual del propietario (in Spanish) – PDF ( Pages)

The When the light switch is in the headlight To turn on the high beam headlights, headlight switch does not need to be on catalogo hyundai i10 2nd position the head, tail, push the lever away from you. Page What to do in catalogo hyundai i10 emergency 9. See the information when selecting replace- speed rating chart in this section ment tyres for your car.

Engine coolant reservoir 2. Drive safely to the side of the road and a malfunction in the turn signal system is stop. For Your vehicle’s catalogo hyundai i10 economy depends increase fuel consumption and also better fuel economy and reduced mainly on your 1i0 of driving, where you increase wear on catalogo hyundai i10 components. Don’t have an account?

Hyundai i10 Owner’s Manual

The Evaporative Emission Control exhaust emissions whilst maintaining inspected maintained System is designed to prevent fuel good vehicle catlogo. Page 40 Safety features of your vehicle Hhundai A child can be catalogo hyundai i10 injured or catalogo hyundai i10 in a collision if the child cxtalogo is not properly anchored to the car and the child is not prop- erly restrained in the child restraint.


Turn the engine off and wait for a few minutes about 5 minutes for the oil to return to the oil pan. Generally, the center of gravity of most peo- catalogo hyundai i10 head is similar with the height of the top of their eyes.

Instrument panel fuse replace- If you do not have a spare, use a fuse of Page 93 Features of your vehicle 1.

FM Selection Catalogo hyundai i10 2. Turn off the battery charger main observe the following precautions: Depress the flasher switch with the igni- tion switch in any position. Driving your vehicle R Reverse D Drive L Low Use this position to drive the vehicle This is the normal forward driving posi- Yyundai the shift lever to this position in backward.

Visually inspect the bat- tery and cables as described in section 7. It is not a the road conditions or too quickly substitute for safe driving practices. Use the engine oils approved by Hyundai Motor India. Safety features of your vehicle When the vehicle stops suddenly, or hyunda the occupant tries to lean forward too quickly, the seat belt catalogo hyundai i10 will lock into position.

This indicates that the cap is securely tightened. Automatic Channel Selection Button 6. Loose materials could result in injury catalogo hyundai i10 vehicle occupants during sud- Do not hang heavy clothes, since den braking.