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MICROSOFT OFFICIAL COURSE Pre-Release and Final Release Versions Microsoft SQL Server (only on the A-MIA-SQL1). Course Files. Querying Microsoft SQL Server training course by Nicomp is offered at any of our 50 locations around the United States and Canada. Microsoft Official Curriculum – Microsoft Course Page 1 of 12 write basic Transact-SQL queries for Microsoft SQL Server This course.

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Using Table Expressions After completing this module, you will be able to: Executing Stored Procedures After completing this module, you will be able to: Describe the architecture and editions of SQL Server Microsoft does not identify the format in which exams are presented.

Pricing is subject to change without notice.

Understand the similarities and differences between Transact-SQL and other computer languages. The main purpose of the course is to prepare people for the exam ” Many of the labs in the rest of this course are enabled for you to perform the lab while connected 20122 your own Azure database in the cloud. Buy this book at the Microsoft Press Store. Write queries which summarize data using course 10774a querying microsoft sql server 2012 aggregate functions.


Find a classroom training partner. It will also compare set-based operations with cursor-based operations. Describe components of well-performing queries. Declare and assign variables and synonyms.

Please note that the questions may test on, but will not be limited to, the topics described in the bulleted text. It also explains conversions between data types, and the importance of type precedence. Insert new data into your tables.

Querying Microsoft SQL Server 2012

This exam measures your ability to accomplish the technical tasks listed below. Execute system stored procedures to return system information. Course 10774a querying microsoft sql server 2012 Subqueries Write queries which use self-contained subqueries Write queries which use scalar and multi-result subqueries Write queries which use correlated subqueries and EXISTS predicate After completing this module, students will be able to: Create simple views and write queries against them.

It microsofy editions, versions, tools used to query, documentation sources, and the logical structure of databases. If the virtual machines in your classroom are able to connect to the internet and you ocurse a Windows Azure account you may be able to connect to your Azure server and database.

Write queries using date and time data types. Use functions that work with NULL. Suite Orlando, FL sales nicomp-intl. Write queries that retrieve system metadata and state information using system dynamic management views and functions.


This exam may be available in your country for course 10774a querying microsoft sql server 2012 proctored delivery.

Return information about errors from system objects. Write queries using character data types.

Course D: Querying Microsoft SQL ServerĀ® | Microsoft

Write queries which pivot and unpivot result sets. To help you prepare for this exam, Microsoft recommends that you have hands-on experience with the product and that you use the specified training resources. Declare and assign variables and synonyms.

The higher the percentage, the more questions you are likely to see on that content area on the exam.

Write queries which use common table expressions. We appreciate your input in ensuring the quality of the Microsoft Certification program. Write queries which use derived tables. If you querynig other questions or feedback about Microsoft Certification exams or about the certification program, registration, or promotions, please contact your Regional Service Center.