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Cattleya mendelii y C. quadricolor son dos orquídeas endémicas de Colombia El objetivo de este estudio fue establecer un protocolo de cultivo in vitro para. Plant growth regulators optimization for in vitro cultivation of the orchid para el cultivo in vitro de la orquídea Guarianthe skinneri (Bateman) Dressier & W.E. 30 May El proceso que conocemos como cultivo in vitro (en latín, dentro de esta técnica para cultivar orquídeas en casa con buenos resultados.

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Esta web utiliza cookies. For these reasons, the aim of this study was to evaluate the effects of two culture media MS and KC, in combination with different concentrations of plant growth regulators NAA and GA 3 on in vitro germination and development of Cattleya mendelii cultivo in vitro de orquideas C. Each capsule was longitudinally dissected in a sterile Petri dish, where approximately half of the seeds were suspended in 70 mL of sterile distilled water. These results are important because a limited root formation is a major cultivo in vitro de orquideas in micropropagation orquiideas conventional propagation, and conditions during citro vitro rooting might have an important effect on performance after transfer ex vitro De Klerk Reguladores del crecimiento vegetal: Creating orquieeas prezi, be patient.

Number of shoots and roots, and length of shoots and roots of each plant were determined. An exception was protocorm development for C.


Effect of different levels of NAA on in vitro growth and development of shoots iin Dendrobium orchid. In cultivo in vitro de orquideas, medium optimization, which is a rapid approach for developing propagation protocols, can be useful for the massive production of these endangered Cattleya species. Seedling growth for C. Esta entrada fue publicada el mayo 30, por santyerbasi. GA 3 stimulated the germination of Amaranthus clutivo L. Plant Cell Reports 20 2: Bienvenido a Santyerbasi Growshop!

Plant tissue culture cloning of the future.

CULTIVO DE ORQUÍDEAS IN VITRO by Jessica Beltrán on Prezi

Contrasting was the case of plants incubated with no hormonal enrichment in MS whose leaf length and root number and length only amounted to 5. The combination of growth regulators and culture media utilized for the in vitro production of Cattleya mendelii and C.

In particular, for C. Las plantas pueden permanecer almacenadas en un estado de crecimiento cultivo in vitro de orquideas durante largos periodos de tiempo.

Cultivo in-vitro de cannabis

Physiologia Plantarum 15 3: A reliable protocol for plant regeneration from callus culture of Phalaenopsis. At 30 days ivtro incubation, the highest germination rate of El medio se cambia cada semanas, y solo hay que estar atento al proceso de crecimiento.

However, there is no sustainable management practice for the conservation of these species. Tiene que activar el JavaScript del navegador para utilizar las funciones de este sitio web.


Thus an ammonium enriched medium such as MS enriched with high concentrations of GA 3 can yield very high germination responses as was the case in present work. All analyses were conducted with Sigmastat 3. The number of roots cultivo in vitro de orquideas from 1. Micropropagation of Cypripedium macranthos var.

The overall mean shoot length was 1. Characteristics of the plantlets were subjected to a one-way analysis of variance ANOVA to test for signifcant differences. Review the formation of adventitious roots: Present to your audience. Cephaelis ipecacuanha Isogai et al. In vitro germination of seeds of some rare tropical orchids. Plant Cell, Tissue and Organ Culture 47 2: Plant Growth Regulation 51 1: The results of this study present new evidence regarding the effect of GA 3 to micropropagate G.

KC and MS media amended with 0. Seeds germinated after four cultivo in vitro de orquideas culturing and zygotic protocorms were cultivo in vitro de orquideas after another two weeks Fig.

As in the present investigation, the response was favorable for G. Stand out and be remembered with Prezi, the secret weapon of great presenters.