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Windows is either a registered trademark or a trademark of Microsoft Corporation in the United States and/or other countries. Mac is a trademark of Apple Inc. DA is the US Department of the Army Form; its full name is a Supplemental Employment Application. As a supplement to standard application procedure. Fill Da Form , download blank or editable online. Sign, fax and printable from PC, iPad, tablet or mobile with PDFfiller ✓ Instantly ✓ No software. Try Now!.

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Fill Da Formdownload blank or editable online. Employee-employer contributions table, page Grade and pay retention.

Garrison commander or equivalent approval is required prior to an offer of employment being made, as required. Each selection of a rehabilitated offender will be judged on its own merits and final decision to hire such an individual rests with the garrison commander or equivalent. Any AL that is restored to an employee that is in excess of the normal maximum leave accumulation will be.

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When used, only those candidates meeting the highly qualifying criteria will be referred see para 2—8 c. Gross lump-sum leave payment will be deducted from back pay. Once tendered and accepted a resignation may corm be withdrawn with the approval of the supervisor. Section of PL — permits employees moving between NAF and APF position on or after 28 Decemberfoem continue coverage in the retirement plan that covered them immediately before the move, even if they are not vested in that retirement plan.

The first page by 01 Subject: Firm authority should only be used when there is a reasonable likelihood that the employee will successfully make the transition to the new position, and developmental support is provided to assist the employee. The authority for position classification when delegated through the commandpay determination for payband system employees, and authenticating personnel actions may be further delegated.

Jobkit da form Section 4. Any day on which part-time service is performed constitutes a full work day of credit. This money may be in the form of cash or may be added to a credit card or other charge in favor of the dz. Screening and background checks requirements, page In no case will the pay rate of U.


Waiver of overpayment may be authorized when administrative error has resulted in overpayment and there are no indications of fraud, misrepresentation, or lack of good faith on the part of the employee. Unemployment Compensation, page These positions must be filled through competitive announcements within the 60—day period. Aggregate pay will be in conformance with 5 CFR b. When a rotating or irregular tour of duty is established, employees will be given equitable treatment in regard to assignments involving Saturday, Sunday, and night duty.

Applications received other than in response to vacancy announcements may be retained on file or returned to the. A National Agency Check with Inquires NACI will be initiated for employees to include a Federal Bureau Investigation FBI fingerprint check using SF 85 Questionnaire for Non-Sensitive Positions for employees, unless there has been a favorable NACI completed previously, fom earlier than 12 months prior to employment or a prior personnel security investigation, with no break in employment or military service greater than 24 months.

Periods d leave or holiday leave are not included.

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When an appropriate authority, such as a judge or garrison commander or equivalent, directs in writing the correction or cancelation of what that authority determines to be an unjustified or unwarranted personnel action, the pay, allowances, and differentials that the employee would have received if the personnel action had not occurred will be computed and paid by the servicing payroll office.

NAF employees and applicants will be free from reprisal in making protected disclosures, and the confidentiality of employees and applicants making such disclosures will be protected unless the DOD 3433- General determines that disclosure of their identity is necessary to fotm the investigation.

A supervisor will allow a minimum of 30 days after the discussion to determine whether the employee sufficiently improves. The accuracy of job descriptions. Such employees should be advised that they must file Federal tax returns. The appeal must be filed within 15 calendar days after receipt of the decision on the complaint.


Order of priority consideration of other candidates.

Reduction in hours of work. Noncompetitive, management-directed reassignments must be to positions within the same command that have the same rate of pay and ca the same grade or payband level.

Compensatory overtime for religious observance. The following NAFI service is credited toward the completion of a probationary period provided there has been.

All vacancy announcements will be posted on USA Jobs and will contain the following:. Standard Terms for Nature of Actions, page Such action is not considered a disciplinary action.

Unless prohibited by treaty, the pay rate of U. When the nature of the duties requires that an employee remain at the duty station, an on-the-job meal period. Management may authorize an employee to telecommute when no additional costs would be.

A student 34333-1 not be employed in excess of 28 work hours in any 1 workweek during school terms. The rate of pay at the entry level CY—02 will be set at a rate within payband level I competitive with other local wages that will provide qualified candidates. This requires that a clear statement of the dorm reward policies be made known to all employees. For employees with rates of basic pay greater than the basic pay for GS—10, step 1, the hourly rate paid is greater of the hourly rate of basic pay for GS—10, step 1, multiplied by 1.

The employee vacated position may dda obligated with the garrison commander approval on a time for basis pending the employee return. To the extent possible, they will be established on consecutive days of the administrative workweek.