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To create a Data Driven Frameworks in QTP, the following components are required: Test Script and Object. 22 Mar Hi, Data Driven Framework is a framework which is driven by the different combinations of input and output data. Do the following steps to implement data driven. QTP Frameworks – Learn what is QTP (QuickTest Professional) and associated Keyword-Driven Framework; Data-Driven Framework; Hybrid Framework.

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U r a great explainer.

We will have to separate the code from the data if we have to achieve data driven framework in qtp driving aspect for this script. Once the test run finishes, the data also gets deleted. Let us know if you have any queries about Data Driven testing strategy.

The Keywords and driiven scripts for all the test cases are same as in KDF. Hi, Very excellent explanation on frameworks. This would open the empty data table as shown in the below figure.

Data Driven and Hybrid Frameworks Explained with QTP Examples — Software Testing Help

Thank u sir for providing this information………plsss provide the card testing information also. But did you notice the change in format of result data driven framework in qtp this case and the previous case?


Swati, can you please explain how External Excel files can be used for Data Driven framework. Now try to superimpose this approach on the scenario checking multiple login credentials we discussed above. In this framework, keywords are created in order to perform a particular test step or a test case. Although there are many data sources that you can use data driven framework in qtp the QTP test scripts, the data source that is used almost all the times is Microsoft Excel.

Please let me know how to insert the friven in the data table by scripting. Select the parameter option, choose a name for the parameter this will be the column name in the datasheet and choose whether you are going to use the global sheet or local sheet global sheet is available for all the data driven framework in qtp in a test, but the local sheet is specific to the current action.

How Data Driven Testing Works (Examples of QTP and Selenium)

Thanks a lot really helpfull. Data driven framework in qtp is very help, explanation and samples are very clear and precise. Hence the script for this test case is written to receive the order number from framewotk Excel file and to write the customer name into the excel file Test Case1: Many times, there are a number of data sets that we have to run the same tests on.

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Alternately, you can instruct QTP about the iterations programmatically. Click daata the Data Table to open it. By running the above script, the actual result for all the five test cases can be obtained from a single test.

QTP – Frameworks

An Excel file is first opened an as Application 2. Eshan, Thats a typo. Exist 4 Kindly elaborate this…. Anish, Could you please explain me the concept of Excel handling or you any blog for that.

Name, Email Id and Phone.

To retrieve data from the data table, we have used DataTable. Click on Ok button. The general steps involved in the data-driven framework are: Compare the results of the 2 methods we used above and let us know why is the result format different.

And your Data Driven Framework is ready.

Like for example, providing mulitple inputs to the flight details in the sample application provided by qtp? What is Data driven framework in qtp Testing? Check the modified code below which will run on all the rows in the DataTable. Excel File The External source for this sample is an Excel file.