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If there is a cube with uncompressed requests and 10 dimensions (every dimension brings with it a local bitmap index) than there are. step-by-step process to create Re-Partitioning of Info Cube in SAP-BI. (1). students. Created by KUNCHAM Software Solutions Pvt Ltd. Last updated 4/. Sap BW Info cube partitioning. 1. Info cube partitioning InfoCube Partitioning So what is partitioning and why do it? You use partitioning to.

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Transformation created for this SPO: November 28, 4 minute read.

This screen shows the complete data flow of the SPO: Clicking on OK leads to the following screen: In situations with a high load frequency it will most certainly run into problems in this area sooner or later. BW, by its virtue has to handle a huge amount of data. This will cause unacceptable query response times if there are too many partitions. December 2, at 7: Partitions enable the parallel processing of the queries.

Partitioning in BW | SAP Blogs

August 27, at 8: Customers trying any other tricks to achieve this, do this on their own risk and definitely should try their tricks before applying them to production and check whether they still see their data afterwards. If you choose a time period that is too small, the partitions are too large. WelcomeGuest Login Register. Partitioning is an activity that happens at the database level logical partitioning is not discussed here and with 7.

This means that you should not create partitions that are too large or too small. July 8, at 9: Furthermore it is likely that if one “partition-disaster” infected cube will be found, there will be others as well. Search or use up and down arrow keys to select an item.

SAP BI 7.0 – InfoCube Partitioning

And since the E table partitioning is handed over to all aggregates at least to those that contain the corresponding partitioning time characteristicthe amount of partitions due to E facttables must be multiplied by the number of aggregates over that cube and may in total sum up partitioniing in certain scenarios. December 2, at 6: This will not help, but only postpone the disaster to a later point in time.


InfoCube partitioning is done at database level and can be based on one of the following date based info objects:. Database tables of InfoCubes often contain several million records, so database operations of any nature are time-consuming for these tables.

Partitioning (SAP Library – Business Intelligence)

The partitioning of the tables has two advantages: December 5, at Summary In BW 3. Where necessary, limit the maximum number of partitions, the SAP recommended optimal maximum number of partitions isso consider this when planning the range spilt.

This new object is based on the premise that this object can be partitioned using characteristics other than the time characteristics. Good and detailed presentation regards Raj. You partitining partitioning to split the total dataset for an InfoProvider into several, smaller, physically independent and redundancy-free units.

Partitioning on an Infocube’s F-facttable If there is a cube with uncompressed requests and 10 dimensions every dimension brings with it a local bitmap index than there are partitions for the table itself and 10 x index partitions which makes a total of Here the various parameters can be edited. Bk they also should definitely have tried to recover a cube from their last backup. Search or use up and down arrow keys to select an item.

Partitioning in BW

The performance gain is only gained for the partitioned InfoCube if the time dimension of the InfoCube is consistent. Very useful note, thanks can i get some more documents in BI my mail id is priyas78 yahoo. Once the value inffocube is updated, an optional parameter called maximum no of partitions can be included. Open link in a new tab. Any attempts to switch on partitioning after the activation has taken place and the cube has data regardless whether in F or E table is not supported at all.


The partitions on the database actually remain transparent to the user. June 23, at 9: Therefore we recommend that you create a partition for a year, for example, and that you repartition infoocube InfoProvider after this time.

In the following example, only record 1 is consistent. The partitioning in the infocube also is done exactly in the same way as the Partitloning. Thanks Saurabh for sharing this. If a statistics update will be done, all these Thanks for your efforts.

For more information, see Repartitioning. With portioning, the structure of a InfoCube table in database systems will basically be defined to use a partitioning field to physically divide it into several database areas tables, blocks, etc. The next step is to create transformation, clicking on the create transformation button, throws the foll owing screen: You must be Logged on to comment or reply to a post.

The following documentation provide a short introduction, how the partitioning works under Oracle database. After selecting the required time characteristic and clicking ok, you get the following screen asking to enter partotioning time interval. At least one of the two InfoObjects must be contained in the InfoProvider.

When the number of partitions is low, the user will not experience trouble from this direction at the beginning. Repartitioning can be useful if you have already loaded data to your InfoCube and you have loaded more data into your InfoCube than you had planned when you partitioned it, you did not choose sal long enough period of time for partitioning or some partitions contain no data or little data due to data archiving over a pxrtitioning of time.