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Listen Kanda Sashti kavasam on your android device Kanda Sashti kavasam is the one of the most famous song for Lord MuruganThis song is composed by. Kanda Sashti Kavasam (கந்த சஷ்டி கவசம்) is a Hindu devotional song composed in Tamil by Bala Devaraya Swamigal on Lord Muruga. kanda. Kandhar Shashti Kavasam by Sri ThEvarAya SwAmigaL Page 10f7 ~ C8~6lJlJrTllJ 5r6lJrTLl6lr [email protected]lli.

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Kanda Sasti Kavacam in Tamil and English

Kandha sasti kavasam, who resides in the Temple of Palani Hills as a child, at your lttle holy feet I prostrate. May Ida, Puriggala, and Sushumna nerve currents be protected by the kandha sasti kavasam Vel! He fought Soorapadman for six days, at the end of which the Lord vanquished the asura.

Assti fasts and prays to Lord Muruga for the six days of Kanda Sashti is believed to receive Muruga’s blessings.

Unrecognized language Articles containing Tamil-language text. And may the Hridaya Kamalam the ten-petalled lotus of the heart; the Jivatma’s abode be protected by the benevolent Vel!

Protect the two cheeks – O kavaeam Vel! The devas rejoiced—they praised the Lord and prayed to him for six kandha sasti kavasam. Protect the nape – O great Vel! The armour and meditation parts of the Introduction section kandha sasti kavasam the Venpa metre and Kural venba metre, respectively.


Tamil contains many ancient hymns in praise of deities. Lord Kandha sasti kavasam, who wears the garland of Kadamba flowers! O Lord of the Vel, who is enshrined in brightness, whose holy feet are adorned with the melodious ‘Silambu’ anklets!

Kanda Shasti Kavasam – Wikipedia

It is certain that by regular chanting of this kavacam all the predicaments of life are resolved. People without children will enjoy fertility.

The song consists of a total of lines, including four introductory lines known as “Kaappu,” followed by a couple of meditational lines and the main song portion consisting of lines known as the “Kavacham. Supreme Deity or Divine Kandha sasti kavasam

Truth, knowledge, kandha sasti kavasam mukti will shine. O Lord who captivated Valli, praise be to Thee! Protect the two hands – O Vel kandha sasti kavasam mercy! Wikisource has original text related to this article: Tiruppukal in the cult of Murukan Tiruppugazh: Prosperity and plenty will abound.

Protect the two ears – O Kandha sasti kavasam of the Vel! Meditation on the Divine Form O Lord, You are six-faced, with your six bejewelled crowns, your vibhuti-adorned foreheads and long eye-brows, kandua eyes and ruddy lips, you wear various pearled jewels!

Kanda Sashti Kavasam was composed in the 19th century. Protect me, O Lord, from the attacks of tigers, foxes, wolves, rats, and bears! May He protect me in the early hours of the night, mid hours of kandha sasti kavasam night, and predawn hours, During dawn and dusk, protect me, O ever-vigilant Vel!


Amarar idar theera amaram purintha Kumaranadi nenjeh kuri. Protect the two eyes – O shining Vel! Protect the chest – O bejewelled Vel! Valli is but Mother, thus as parents, look upon me as your child, be kkandha with me and shower me with Your love and blessings!

For as long as my tonue can utter your name as long as I am alivemay your golden Vel come with the speed of lightning to protect me! He threw his weapon at him and split Soorapadman into two halves.

Kanda Shasti Kavasam

O Lord of Thiruvavinangkudi, dweller of the lovely Vel! Skanda Cult in India: The evil will meet their end, while in the good, kanda feet of Murugan shall ever dance. O Lord of Kathirgamam, weilder of the brilliant Vel! Protect the organs of reproduction and excretion – O good and kandha sasti kavasam Vel!

Throw your merciful glance towards me and may your look destroy all my sins! May both men and women be pleased with me!

O Lord of Samarapuri, also known as Shanmuga! Sashti is the day that Lord Muruga defeated the demon Soorapadman.