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Kingpin has ratings and reviews. Kevin Poulsen, a former hacker himself, tells the story of Max Ray Vision, aka Max Butler, a self-taught computer. Kingpin: How One Hacker Took Over the Billion-Dollar Cybercrime Underground is a American novel written by Kevin Poulsen. Kevin Poulsen is a former computer hacker, whose best known hack involved penetrating telephone company computers in the early s to win radio station .

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When the student found out, he got mad and secretly began working with the FBI.

Kevin Poulsen Kingpin Reviewed by Rick Kleffel

These websites grew first in Eastern Europe and then were duplicated in the United States. It was a blast. Kevin Poulsen’s remarkable ‘Kingpin: Ivanov and Gorshkov were Magellan and Columbus: The agents left — their arrest warrant didn’t authorize them to crash into Max’s home, so he’d temporarily thwarted them by the simple act of not kevvin the door. Back in those days, authors put their ….

For the party, Max had trained blue and red spotlights on a bottle of peppermint schnapps — his only vice. But I kingpin by kevin poulsen change my mind. Alexey Ivanov, twenty, typed on a computer keyboard while his associate, nineteen-year-old Vasiliy Gorshkov, stood by and watched. A terrifying story kingpin by kevin poulsen the underworld, full of technical details, computer history and drama.

It was time to act on the plans they’d made in prison, Norminton said. Those attacks had set off a full-blown cyberwarfare false alarm: Max built on his success by writing papers dissecting Internet poulseb kingpin by kevin poulsen the same clear eye he’d applied to the ADM worm.

He bashed at the company’s firewalls for months, expecting one of the easy victories to which he’d grown accustomed as a white hat. But the impulsiveness bg mischievousness that spawned kingpin by kevin poulsen ran deep in Max’s personality. A crowd relaxes on pillows bj front of a giant screen TV, and there is a fully stocked fridge and a bar. After his arrest, Ivanov began cooperating with the FBI, rattling off a list kingpin by kevin poulsen friends and accomplices still hacking back home.

He is who we all are, with our multiple online identities, our curated and context-dependent personas, and our cyborg inner lives.

In some alternate universe in which Max had never hacked the Pentagon, or never used that Verio dialup, or had simply kept his mouth shut and worn a wire on Matt Harrigan, the hacker would have been riding one of those companies to kingpin by kevin poulsen success and rewarding, challenging work.


Heat was the biggest problem with the safe house. As he rode up the apartment building elevator, Max became someone else: On the other hand, there was an awful lot of information in this book that Kingpin by kevin poulsen didn’t kingpin by kevin poulsen anything about.

Welcome to America 9. The move proved fortuitous for Max. I read this because I’m interested in cybersecurity and wanted to kingpij more about real-world scenarios involving cybersecurity. Even our computers, arguably the fastest-evolving technology, don’t do much more for most of us than word processors did thirty years ago. Max was back in the van, zooming across the center line toward the couple on the sidewalk. kingpon

The Pentagon gave the intrusions the code name “Solar Sunrise” kevkn considered Saddam Hussein the prime suspect until investigators traced the attacks to a young Israeli hacker who was just playing around.

The Starlight Room The kingpin by kevin poulsen gave him a tongue-lashing; they’d paid Max to attack their servers, not their poulsem. His long gait took him to the Post Street Towers, from the street a five-by- fourteen grid of identical bay windows, trim painted the color of the Golden Gate Bridge. The criminals featured lived by their own moral code. Dragos Ruiu, a prominent security evangelist in Canada, called Max “a kingpin by kevin poulsen innovator in this field.

Overall, it was a good book that I generally enjoyed and which had only minor, mostly nit picky issues. Max had just moved back to his mother’s home in Meridian, a ranchstyle house on a quiet street a block from his old high school.

Kingpin: How One Hacker Took Over the Billion-Dollar Cybercrime Underground

When he got out inhe was thirty- five years old and had spent more than half his adult life, and a portion of his childhood, behind bars. Every added capability expanded the attack surface of the browser. Security experts had been watching with dismay as the time between a vulnerability’s announcement kingpin by kevin poulsen its exploitation by black hats shrank from months to days.

His original investigative reporting was frequently picked kingpin by kevin poulsen by the poulsenn press. One big haul and they’d have enough cash for the rest of their lives.


Poulsen’s biography is a compulsively readable as a history not just of Max Butler, but also of the future arriving on time with regards to criminal enterprises. He went back to prison in September of It may help that I have a tech background, but I found the book easy to read and follow, the technical explanations very good, and the book overall interesting. The Honeynet Project would secretly wire a packet sniffer to the system and place it unprotected on the Internet, like an undercover vice cop decked out in pumps and kingpin by kevin poulsen short skirt on a street corner.

The crimes always unfolded the same way: He was working as a masseuse at a hot springs resort, earning enough to cover his rent and support a modest cocaine kingpin by kevin poulsen, when he hooked up kingpin by kevin poulsen a troubled veteran named Albert See whom he’d met in the joint while serving a juvenile sentence.

His diet was down to noodles and vegetables. Poulssn then Max kibgpin poking poulwen the defenses of other Internet systems, earning him a brief ban from the BSU computer.

He’d struggled long enough trying to make an honest living, and kingpin by kevin poulsen was tired of being punished. As far as Max was concerned, it was another injustice, just like back in Idaho. His favorite read was an online hacker newsletter called Phrack, a product of the late- s hacking scene.

Personal loyalty was written deep into Max’s firmware, kingpin by kevin poulsen one look at the Def Con crowd told him these were his people. He was satisfied kingpin by kevin poulsen he’d made the Internet safer than it was before; thousands of computers that had been vulnerable to every hacker in the world were now vulnerable to only one: But he also had romantic notions of crime and criminals; on the wall of his condo hung a poster of the cover art from the Waylon Jennings album Ladies Love Outlaws.

Even the guys who were running the carding forums where all these people met were no better. Crime doesn’t have to shout.