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Leslie in California / by Andre Dubus. Dubus, Andre, (Author). General Note: “This copy of Leslie in California is number 87 in an edition limited to. mar Leslie in California Introduction The short story “Leslie in California”, is written by Andre Dubus in The short story “Leslie in California” is. ANDRE DUBUS’S fourth collection of short stories derives its title from a In ” Leslie in California” a young wife broods over the fact that her.

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The Art of Reading Andre Dubus: We Don’t Have to Live Great Lives | Poets & Writers

Blue is spreading across the sky. By continuing to use this website, you agree to their use. He touches my eye with ice wrapped in a dish towel. Dubus slowly regained his confidence by writing essays and through the support he received from the writers who gathered every Thursday night at his house.

Dubus describes in visceral language how LuAnn savagely defends herself against what is surely an attempted rape. We took turns driving and sleeping and only had to spend motel money twice. The artist is not meant to be a judge of his characters and what ca,ifornia say; his only job is to be an impartial witness. I go to his plate and scoop all the beans on his egg yellow.

I turn the eggs and count to four, then put them on a plate with bacon. Though Dubus himself may aandre been as complex as the characters he created, his stories offer what only great art can: Andre Dubus cared a great deal for people.

The Art of Reading Andre Dubus: We Don’t Have to Live Great Lives

There is no better evidence than the words he put to paper. Soon the road will warm, and I think of rattlesnakes sleeping on it, and I shut the screen and look around the lawn where nothing moves.

Dubus trusted his characters so much that he gave his stories over to them. The bacon is curling brown. The house has a shadow now, on the grass and dew. I could count them, know how many it takes.


The Art of Reading Andre Dubus: Such a plot could easily become soap opera, but with his plain language and astute characterization Dubus weaves a tale that leaves the reader feeling, if not affection, then at least empathy for every member of the family.

How can a bobcat kill a horse? They just watched me, and Dad called me back.

His arm is over mine, and I bump it as I work the spatula. Instead, his work grew even more generous, more empathetic. My only job is to be talented, that is, to know how to distinguish important testimony from unimportant, to place my characters in the proper light and speak their language. Overwhelmed and in continual pain, he slipped into a dark depression and, for a time, struggled to write fiction.

He thanked me for thanking his dad. About a year after I discovered Dancing After HoursI sleuthed out a mailing address for Dubus and wrote him a letter of gratitude. I clear my throat and grip the robe closer around it. Dad liked the Pacific, but we are miles inland and animals are out there with the birds; one morning last week a rattlesnake was on the driveway. You are commenting using your WordPress. They will be gone five days, maybe more, and if he comes back with money we can have electricity again.

Notify me of new comments via email. This subject lies at the heart of Voices From the Moon Godine,his longest novella it was actually marketed as a novel and very likely his masterpiece. Categories Categories “a” 1 s a book of common prayer a night at the movies a philosophy of boredom a taste for sin a woman seldom found abraham lincoln adam phillips advertising aesthetics affective mapping against nature against the day alcohol alexander theroux alexander trocchi alexander von humboldt alfred eisenstaedt alistair mccartney all day permanent red allen ginsberg american history anarchism andre dubus andrei codrescu andrew wilson anna blume anthroplogy anthropology antifiction anton chekhov antoni gramsci architecture.

Jump to navigation Skip to content. He did some under-the-table work: Page 1 Page 2.


Leslie in California – NOBLE (All Libraries)

From there I look at the back of his head. I light the gas lantern and set it near the stove, and remember New England mornings with the lights on and a warm kitchen and catching the school bus. While Dubus struggled to communicate with the Santiagos, usher the pair off the road, and flag down more help, an oncoming car traveling nearly sixty miles an hour struck Dubus and Luis.

We came across country in an old Ford he worked on till it ran like it was young again. The best of his work leaves us feeling uneasy and vulnerable from the shock of recognition—nervous that this man not only knows our secrets, but that he might understand them better than we do. Dubus lost his left leg below the knee and his right leg was crushed to the point of uselessness.

He comes to me and hugs me from behind, rubbing my hips through the robe, his breath sour beer with mint. It is a chilling revelation. The coffee makes me pee, and I leave the flashlight and walk through the living room that smells of beer and ashtrays and is grey now, so I can see a beer can on the arm of a chair. Dad was happy about us going to California; he talked about sourdough bread and fresh fruit and vegetables all year.

Later, LuAnn tells her husband how she is stunned by the violence she was capable of.

Let me do something for that eye. He had harpooned it and they were bringing it alongside, it was thrashing around in the water, and he tripped on some line and fell in with it.