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19 Sept Simplitatea este cea mai eficientă cale de a transmite ce vrei să spui – asta a dovedit autoarea prin cartea sa „Mănâncă. Roagă-te. Iubește”. Berciu · Cartea cu bucluc – Jean Bailesteanu · Hardughia – Mircea Radu Iacoban · Bachus – Jean Cocteau. Tagged mananca roaga-te iubeste elizabeth gilbert. Showing all editions for ‘Mananca, roaga-te, iubeste’, Sort by: Date/Edition ( Newest First), Date/Edition (Oldest First). Format. All Formats (); Book (7).

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Don’t bother with this book. Introdu mai jos adresa ta de email.

Still, I will always love both the movie version and book version forever and ever. Can you imagine if men felt so “incomplete” without women? View all 6 comments. Your email address will not be published.

She has the guts to roagate the world about her lusting for a kiss from Giovanni, about her roaga-ts with the married Brazillian man, about her bribing the Indonesian police for her visa to be extended from 1 to 6 months.

Eat Pray Love () – IMDb

Brandi Wilson Probably because we all enjoy different things, are inspired by different things and despise different things. But this is where the good stuff ended for me.

She meets some nice people and eats a lot. I enjoyed her writing style, but I absolutely could not warm to her at all. Taker mentality as spiritual quest. Her strategy is simple enough — find out the best pizza and pasta joints in each city. She finds herself by traveling to three parts of the world – Italy to find her body, India to find her spirit and Indonesia to find a balance between the two.

I am sickened that Paramount has bought the rights to the book for a motion picture, and that she stands to make even more money than she already has on this insipid memoir. Plz answer back as I;m looking to construct my own blog and would like to know where u got this from. It’s not like I’m against divorce, and everyone makes mistakes, but her mistake cost her poor slob of a husband a lot of anguish which she seems to ignore completely.


She still writes even at the END of the book as if she is the first person in the history of humankind to ever get divorced, and her pain is uniquely, uh, painful.

Bali, I didn’t even finish.

Mănâncă, roagă-te, iubeşte

manancq Possibly it was not enlightenment that she found, but simply that she finally became completely self absorbed. I also learnt that other people’s countries only exist to provide a colourful, exotic backdrop to Ms Gilbert’s incessant ruminations on me me me me me me.

Though she bem I knew when I bought this book that it would be a story of travel and self-discovery. Love might enhance this. It came across that way in the book. The iubestr on India was agony to read. I like to walk around bookstores just to see the kind of books that people are buying up in huge quantities.

Fuck – until I read this book I thought I’d dealt feminism a crippling blow by jack-knifing the trailer this morning. The spiritual part manqnca her quest never translates to any feelings of compassion or altruism. Boy did I dislike this book. Want to Read saving….

Devenita rapid besteseller New York Times si besteseller al Asociatiei Librarilor Americani, aceasta carte aparuta in este perfect rezumata de insusi subtitlul sau: View all 9 comments. I have chosen helluva useful advices out iubest it. She should have considered this when she got married. What a patronizing, racist, unintelligent melodrama.

Needless to say, it got published …more Probably because we all enjoy different things, are inspired by different things and despise different things. I am told, you mananda, that women ‘get’ this book. However, I was unable to muster much empathy for Elizabeth Gilbert despite my attempts to overcome my disgust at her shallow preoccupation.


To her, and all other Oprah book clubbers who ‘get’ this book: But a true soul mate is a mirror, the person who shows you everything that is holding you back, the person who brings you to your own attention so you can change your life. Shallow, self-indulgent and mired in the sort of liberal American obsession with “oriental” exoticism that is uniquely offensive because it is treated as enobling by its purveyors.

I just kept thinking wahhhhhh the whole time. A film adaptation of the book was released by Columbia Pictures with an all star cast: Fascinating site, i read it but i still uibeste a few questions. I like the valuable info you provide in your articles. And this is enlightenment? She is full of self-pity and an I’m-worth-it attitude that literally sickened me at times.

The love part was worse than her spiritual detour in India. She’d been able to take this journey of hers because of the advance she’d acquired in preparation for this book. Sometimes internal issues should remain internal, and baring them all to the world is not the best iubestte of doing iubest.

She won the meditation competition that no-one was actually having. Short of saying, “Hey, here I am, love me because I am rich. I hope no one hates me for reading an Oprah-endorsed book.

Her writing is easy to read but dead boring. Lists with This Book.