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DESCRIPTION. Outline Drawing. The MC is designed for use in FM dual conversion communication. It contains a complete narrow band FM demodulation . The MC is designed for use in FM dual conversion communication equipment. It mainly consists of a narrow band FM demodulation system operable to. MC Datasheet, MC Narrowband FM IF IC, buy MC Narrowband FM IF IC.

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I can’t say how long it will stay there – space is limited on that mc3361 datasheet. Navigate Blogs Classifieds Places Search. However, if you know of better ones guys – post em up. Then the local oscillator internal transistor fails and the MC must be replaced Mc3361 datasheet a long time to figure this one out!

I am not sure, but I think the chip is in production my such as Mc3361 datasheet semiconductor. As you know the pin of mc3361 datasheet IC is not directly conneted to the silicon chip, it is done via a very thin bonding wire.

Operating range is up to feet. Make of that what you will. Designing is a bit more of an issue, but if anyone has an RF sweep generator and spectrum analyser, a co-operative approach to a decent SC set might be a neat project. For more info on hacking this mc3361 datasheet, go to http: The motors are apparently FF-N20s, but the series is not identified.

MC datasheet & application note – Datasheet Archive

Anyway, its interesting to see how minimalsit a radio set needs mc3361 datasheet be. Mc3361 datasheet View all Images in thread. There’s a switch and a charging jack. The differential thrust steering might need some jiggering to suit. The three cells are probably Nicads, as they don’t wear the green jackets of Mc3361 datasheet.


Since the Air Hogs airplanes are current products from China via Canada, someone is still making the chip. Mar 15, I wonder what’s in a futaba set these days? Remember Me Forgot Password? Posting Quick Reply – Please Wait. So who’ll hack this into a more suitable airframe?

Finally, here’s the side of the board.

It seems that every one is going digital, car radio mc3361 datasheet or going discrete comms receivers. The jack is supposed to be connected to the plug on the transmitter, but it’s mcc3361.

I’ve never tried attaching a pic. Overall, the guts as shown in the first pic weigh 34 grams. The biggest problem is working with SMT mc3361 datasheet and getting hold of the coils.

MC Datasheet(PDF) – NXP Semiconductors

Herbert I think I had a wrong understanding. In the On position, neutral stick turns on both motors at “Middle Speed. One circuit I have seen uses external oscillator and mixer to get higher frequencies – the is used as a I thought it over again, it was not the moisture which came in to the chip and killed the transistor, I mc3361 datasheet the transistor was killed by a current which was led by the moist resin.

I hope this is of interest to some of you – if datasheft please datadheet the PDF inn the next mc3361 datasheet weeks as I may have to delete it in mc3361 datasheet course. Show Attachments in this Thread.


MC3361 PDF Datasheet – Samsung Electronics

Spec is 60 MHz max. Images View all Images in thread Views: Let me know if you want to put it on my webspace. National has also discontinued its version mc3361 datasheet LM On the other hand, the ‘ is already a part of a complete RX operating on one mc3361 datasheet the 27 mHz frequencies in the U.

This pic shows all the guts, which I’ve removed from the airplane,because the airplane is very small and has a high wing loading. The damage shows when the receiver loses sensitivity for no obvious reason. The pic didn’t show!

It seems to me that a reliable design could save us all some cash. The props are about 2″ in diameter. How did you get knowledge of that reason? A few things to be aware about the MC MC mc3361 datasheet sheet posted up The key to light mc3361 datasheet is SMT, not mc3361 datasheet getting the parts count down.

It may not occur immediately, but only after sometime when the remaining soldering rosin has absorbed ambient humidity and becomes conductive. A Google search turned satasheet several PDF mc3361 datasheet sheets from as many sources.