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This book is an English translation of the Day Hours from the Breviarium Monasticum published at Bruges in after extensive revision and restoration by its. 19 Apr As you work through the book, you might want to place a ribbon at the beginning of each section so you can find them again quickly. The Monastic Diurnal I’ve heard is nice but I’m worried about the time it takes because I am not a monk and am a full-time student. There is also.

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Were it monastiv to me, I would survey those monasteries that still use this version of the Divine Office and determine which if any of these supplemental Feasts are actually in use and where. As you can see, the leather is creased and worn in a bit, which is to be expected with a book that sees daily use. How to fix it?

I am a bibliophile, recent convert, and layman in the Diocese of Madison where Morlino Magnus reigns in glory. I’ve managed to hold the ribbons by dipping the ends into sealing wax but I’ve heard you can do it with clear nail varnish?! The introduction of the book refers several times to Sacrificium Laudis. I too cannot recommend this book highly enough! How about telling us what week to begin with with the psalter?

Review: Monastic Diurnal at One Year

However, to have converted diurnwl Protestant to Catholic my trajectory seems to most naturally move toward what holds the greatest expression of depth of tradition in Christ’s Church. Hi, I was just wondering after Prime, it says at that most covenant hour, the Commemoration of the Dead is supposed to be made, what is this?

That lead to me looking elsewhere and over time finally began to see articles on the MD. I hope this helps.

By way of introduction I am a convert clergy of 18 years who came into the Catholic Church in I forgot to mention there is a blog listed in the introduction of the Monastic Diurnal: So I’m not sure it is possible to take a very strict view of what is required diuranl eeecclesiastical approval’of the books in the case of Benedictines.


John’s Abbey In Collegeville. I acquired duurnal Monastic Diurnal from Farnborough and was promptly overwhelmed by any hour other than Compline.

Thank you for your work in this apostolate.

lancelotandrewespress — The Monastic Diurnal

And for the love of diunal that is holy, please move the index to the end. First, the Diurnal uses a one week psalter, so you can start any time you like, monwstic core of the Office is the same every week – all you need to know is which day of the week it is. I found your original blog through the Oblate Spring blog. It is only at this point that I feel confident enough to review it.

The pages, however, remain tight, and there is no fatigue in the binding that I can see. Surely after fifty years there is some better way of doing this? After learning about the Monastic Diurnal on our new Benedictine Spirituality Forum on Catholic Answers Forums, I literally did just get mine in the mail yesterday and have been making my way as best I can through it.

I’m just starting with the MD and find it a daunting undertaking. I did start work on an updated hardcopy version at one point, but had to put it aside – will try and get back to it later this year. Well for the Day Hours anyways Finally, I think it would be a very useful thing indeed if a revised edition were to obtain a new imprimatur. Ending Matins is always the Ambrosian Hymn “Te Deum” and the recitation or chant of the Gospel lesson that is to be found in the Mass that corresponds to that Office.

And of course permissions to experiment within certain limits in regard to the Office are still in place for the Benedictine Order, which means that many monasteries use a collection of ad hoc folders, papers and other sources to construct their office.

First it obviously doesn’t completely satisfy the obligation, since it doesn’t contain Matins and there is no equivalent to the Diurnal. Thanks so much for these informative and very helpful posts.


I would like to purchase the version Clear Creek Abbey has one on their website. I think I am probably heading in the traditionalist way – though I lack any Latin which is a decided drawback. Once you have that down, start on Prime make sure you start on a Monday, or read through the instructions in Monday’s text carefully, as lots of them aren’t repeated on later days!

For those who want a diurnal I think this is the best – it is compact, squeezes a huge amount into a small space, and the hours are very managable. I have been praying the ‘new breviary’ the LoTH since that year.

Summary If you are at all interested in praying the Divine Office according to the traditional Monastic use, go get this book. Feast of Saint James. I am using a copy of the Monastic Diurnal published in by St. While there is nothing perfect this side of heaven, this book is fantastic and gets my highest possible rating. Thanks for these great posts!

I am very grateful for your site and imagine I will be spending many hours on it in the weeks ahead. A hearty thank you to fellow Catholic Jonny, for sending over this great review of the 7th Edition of the St. All up the day hours use 79 different psalms from the book of psalms by my count, but in fact of course, the repetitions means quite a lot more than that Apologies David but no. My name is Jonny, and I first ran across the Monastic Diurnal on this very blog, while browsing through the Book Review section.

Now I have some hope of moving into the other day hours as I gradually look to make the office part of my life. Thanks for any help you can give me. I’ve recently stumbled over the Monastic Diurnal which I was familiar with years ago when I was a monastic postulant.