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La cronica del Peru/ The Chronicles Of Peru (Spanish Edition) [Pedro Cieza de Leon] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. ESTE LIBRO FUE. The First part of the Chronicle of Peru by Pedro Cieza de León is described by the Tags: Biblioteca Inca Garcilaso de la Vega, crónica, crónica de indias, Inca . Full-Text Paper (PDF): Translation and the Cronica del Peru: The Voices of Pedro Cieza de Leon.

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These activities include the following:.

The chiefs were much reverenced by the Indians, and there were royal edifices and store-houses of the Yncas, and a temple of the sun. In other parts there are grand edifices, and what causes most astonishment are some great doorways of stone, some of them made out of one single stone. Several rivers of very good water flow near, and many cows, mares, and goats are bred on pedro cieza de leon cronica del peru estates of the Spaniards.

I saw the ruins of great edifices. They dam up square shallow pools by the sides of streams, and fill them with potatoes during the cold season of June and July.

Part one of the Chronicle of Peru, Pedro Cieza de León

The Collas are first met with at Ayavire, and ;eru extend as far as Caracoto. Another remarkable thing is, that in all this district there are no quarries whence the numerous stones can have been brought, the carrying of which must have required many people.

But the eagle eye of the fiery old master of the camp, Pedro cieza de leon cronica del peru, was not to be deceived, and the captain Hernando Bachicao was hung by his order, a few days afterwards, in the little village of Juli, on the western shore of lake Titicaca. The part of the country in which Tia-huanaco is situated, was first conquered by Mayta Ccapac, the fourth Ynca.

Each of these llamas brings forth once in the year, and no more.

ddl It is asserted that these edifices were commenced before the time of the Yncas, and I have heard some Indians affirm. The wool of these vicunas is excellent, and finer than the wool of merino sheep in Spain. Introduction to translation of The Discovery and Conquest of Peru: They say that, before marriage, the women may go loosely, but that they are punished with death if they are guilty of infidelity after they have been delivered to husbands.

Sara added it Dec 16, Inthe fourth part of his chronicle, focusing on the civil wars among the Spanish conquerors was published under pedro cieza de leon cronica del peru title Third Book of the Peruvian Civil Wars.


Thus, although no maize can be raised throughout the Colloa, the chiefs and people did not fail to obtain it by this arrangement, for the Mitimaes brought up loads of maize, coca, and fruits of all kinds, besides plenty of honey, which abounds in peddro parts pedro cieza de leon cronica del peru the forests, where it is formed in the hollows of trees in the way I have described when treating of Quinbaya. When Gonzalo Pizarro rose against the viceroy Blasco Crojica de Vela, he entrusted Bachicao with the formation of a navy.

He was the author of two Relaciones, or reports to the government, the first addressed to the viceroy Marquis of Canete inand the second to the Count of Nieva. Seeing that all these things are hidden from us, we may well say. The Yana-cuna were a class of Indians forced to labour as domestic servants, but with the power to choose their masters. Unknown Bindingpages. But ppedro the affairs of Chile are important, and require a special narrative, I have only written what I saw between Uraba and Potosi, which is near this town, a road of peu length that it must be from the borders of Uraba to the further end of the town of Plata a good two thousand two hundred leagues, as I have already stated.

Thus these parts pedro cieza de leon cronica del peru not entirely discovered owing to the quarrels and feuds amongst the explorers, who returned to Peru. The Indians, who were so ingenious, found that in some parts the silver could not be extracted with the aid pedro cieza de leon cronica del peru bellows, as was the case at Potosi.

In many other villages I have seen them mourn for the dead during many days, and put ropes of sedge round their heads as a sign of grief. Yet the city has remained in the valley of Chuquiapu where, in former years, great quantities of gold were taken out of the. In many neighbouring hills, within the jurisdiction of this town of Plata, rich 1. The value of articles was not great, and cloths, linens, and Hollands were sold almost as cheap as in Spain. It was deemed convenient that there should be a Spanish settlement between Cuzco and the rich silver-yielding province of Charcas, and thus the building of the city of La Paz was commenced.

Of the riches in Porco, and how there are large veins of silver near that town. Here there are a great many lofty tombs where they buried their dead.

The deceased is honoured according to the quantity of this beverage that is made. Want to Read Currently Reading Read. The Ynca made a treaty cronia peace with Cari at Chucuito, and intrigued so skilfully that he became lord of a great part of the Collao without fighting.



The name is derived from a circumstance connected with the conquest. One of the Indians added that when these women had finished their lamentations, they would be made drunk, 1. Many men, possessed of great wealth, owing to their insatiable avarice, lost it by this traffic of buying and selling, some of pedro cieza de leon cronica del peru fled to Chile, Tucuman, and other parts, from fear of their debts.

There were many other smaller veins which branch off from these four, and in each vein there were several mines. There is another kind called huanacus, of the same shape and appearance, but they are very large and wander over the plains in a wild state, running and jumping with such speed that the dog which could overtake them must be very swift. But as pedrp must be got out by Indians, and as the country is too cold for Negroes, there are reasons enough why such great wealth is lost.

Along the western shore there are acres dd tall rushes. Firstname Lastname rated it it was amazing Sep 03, Marcia Morales Montesinos marked pedro cieza de leon cronica del peru as to-read Nov 01, Many of these Indians say that they have heard from their fathers that, in times past, there was a great deluge, in the manner described by me in the third chapter of the second part. That they may not be easily tired, some forty or fifty unladen animals accompany the drove, that they may take their turn with the burdens.

Pedro Cieza de León

It appears to me that in no part of the world have sheep like those of the Indies been found or heard of. When these are finished, the women and servant- girls who have not been killed come out into the village in their mantles and hoods, some carrying the arms of the chief, others his ornamental head-dress, and others his clothes and other things.

See Prescott’s Peru, i, p. This land of the Pedro cieza de leon cronica del peru is very extensive as I have said in former chaptersand, besides the inhabited lron, there are many deserts, snowy mountains, and grassy plains which yield sustenance to the wild flocks which wander in all directions. Four of them are towers of finely cut masonry, with the sides of the stones dovetailing into each other.