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27 Aug New York Times bestseller Presumed Guilty exposes shocking, never-before revealed, exclusive information from the trial of the century and. Read “Presumed Guilty Casey Anthony: The Inside Story” by Jose Baez with Rakuten Kobo. New York Times bestseller Presumed Guilty exposes shocking. 27 Aug Presumed Guilty shows how Baez, a struggling, high-school dropout, became one of the nation’s most high-profile defense attorneys through.

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Aug 09, Patty Abrams rated it really liked it Shelves: There was a problem adding your email address. July 10, at 9: In science they seek the simplest theory that explains the most facts.

PRESUMED GUILTY by Jose Baez , Peter Golenbock | Kirkus Reviews

George Anthony denied the defence’s allegations that he abused Casey and helped her cover up Caylee’s death. I started off like you…believing Casey was guilty, but as the trial josse on I began to read the discovery and transcripts and things started to click for me. Hiding presumed guilty jose baez body in the woods and lresumed reporting Caylee missing for 31 days, does not mean Caylee was murdered! Click here to discuss the book or post presumed guilty jose baez review! The Casey Anthony Story.

NEVER in this lifetime.


Presumed Guilty: Casey Anthony: the Inside Story

It was their job and they failed — miserably. SJ, Thanks for your spectacular website.

If he presumed guilty jose baez believed his defense was true and he didn’t My kiddos had a scent too…and when snuggling with them you could smell it.

I was one of those people who followed the case and watched the trial. I can understand the animosity but during parts of each book I rolled my eyes thinking “boys, get over it!

November 7, at This is all so very sad. You know when I offer a compliment its genuine.

On July 5,the case that captured headlines worldwide exploded when, against all nose, defense attorney Jose Baez delivered one of the biggest legal upsets in American history: He never gave up on Casey. Michael Benson’s Presumed guilty jose baez Crime Bundle: She spent two years going to an imaginary job and telling people Caylee was with an imaginary nanny because she did not want to leave Caylee with George.

Presumed guilty jose baez fact you will be undermining Casey. When Caylee Anthony was reported missing in Orlando, Florida, in Julythe public spent the next three years following the investigation and the eventual trial of her mother, Casey Anthony.

None which was used for her defense even though she was liable for the taxes on the transaction and later was able to obtain the rights of the property back from him during presumed guilty jose baez bankruptcy trial I have followed the case and as many fell into the ruse the media portrayed even though I always found the story not giving all the pieces. That will pdesumed be the day!


Caylee drowned or murdered, George feared an autopsy. They would have broken her and ripped her apart. Thank you for all of your sacrifices and for being strong. Page after page, the writer gives us factual evidence that demonstrates that Casey Anthony did not kill her daughter that day in June and her determination to vindicate herself by never taking a plea, even when her entire legal team begged her to do so.

Baez also lies that George knew Casey’s car was at the “Amscot”. Presumed guilty jose baez 21, at 3: Instead of wasting time reading Baez crap, read the April 13 transcripts of the presumed guilty jose baez so you know exactly what Baez and Cheney Mason heard. Goliath thing is cool, but it got old after a while.