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Residential electric central air conditioning contracts cover electric central air conditioning split systems that utilize R22 or RA refrigerant, and are rated at. PSE&G Worry Free Protection Plans The minimum term for the contract is one year; however, you have the right to cancel your contract at any time for any. I have a PSE&G worry free contract too and called them today to see if annual maintenance of the boiler was included. Said it wasn’t so I asked.

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There is something seriously wrong with this company!

Please keep up the good work. All of this was covered by the service contract.

I called PSEG office just to confirm and was told it is in the fine print of the contract. The company is said to have a pseg worry free contract team of skilled contractors who provide efficient repair services. And of course this is not covered by the Worry Free Program. Worry Free can only fix small easy to replaced items listed in their agreement.

It is well worth it.

I have all my washer and dryer warranty replaced with Worry Free. Why don’t Pseg worry free contract just pay the fee and also do their cntract. Sounds like a glorified extended warranty to me. They said we have to provide pseg worry free contract a ladder and a safe access worey the unit.


No wonder their contract for water heaters is so inexpensive. I was told to throw some 3-in-1 in the spigget a couple times a year, and that’s that.

Pseg worry free contract to make sure, I called another company. This is not the first year I’ve used it, so I am glad to have it. After many angry phone calls I was able to get a tech out.

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PSE&G worry free contract

Can you believe that? I took off 4 hours from work to wait frew him. If you call pseg worry free contract to come out and turn on the heat as I think they call it after September 15th I think that’s their cut off datethere is no charge.

To avail this service, customers must call up the company to get a free estimate and information about the various replacement options. That seemed like a waste of time so instead I’ve called dorry plumber I use to schedule pseg worry free contract service which they can do this week.

I have mixed feelings on them. Maybe the contract is designed to only cover obscure parts and services that rarely need fixing.


They cancel the contract. Nov 9, at 3: This guy is so rude. Didn’t see one nickle of a bill, and they repaired it within 48 hours.

If you car ran out of gas in front on an XX gas station but that was not the brand of gas you usually use, would you put some in it? This year I got charged for 5 lbs without any explanation of how much in each unit. I am new to homeownership, so school pseg worry free contract. They came out and after 5 minutes they said that my compressor is broken.

Review on PSE & G’s WorryFree, NJ Service

The tech says don’t worry you have the premier pseg worry free contract. No, he only fixes refrigerators. I have done good reviews as well since I believe people’s good deeds should be recognized as well. So how much I asked. I have two worry free contracts.