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Queen of Camelot has ratings and reviews. Donna said: Every once in a while a book comes along so satisfying and beautiful that you savor every. 2 Jan Return to a time of legend—the days of Guinevere and Arthur and the glory that was to become Camelot On the night of Guinevere’s birth, a. At Guinevere’s birth, a wise woman declares a prophecy of doom for the child: she will be gwenhwyfar, the white shadow, destined to betray her king, and be.

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And Arthur knows of there love and is incredibly understanding about it. See 1 question about Camdlot of Camelot…. Those who love historical fiction and romance will love this story with its fascinating look into ancient Britain, and I feel that McKenzie handles the more vulgar parts of the mythology as tastefully as possible. Towards the end of the book, Arthur travels to mainland Europe to aid Brittany in fending off Romans.

Queen of Camelot (Guinevere and King Arthur) by Nancy McKenzie

Do I believe that Arthur was Gwen’s soul mate in the end? It is a little over the top and gets a bit camdlot.

Queeh a child, I couldn’t fathom ever sympathizing with Guinevere. Not only does she track most of Stewart’s plot developments, but, at particular moments, she either closely paraphrases or plagiarizes Stewart’s description of certain events. In fact, she even says something about being helpless because she’s a woman on multiple occasions only to have Arthur reassure that she is unlike other women, and therefore, worthwhile which is incredibly problematic for many reasons.

This version is interesting because it portrays Gunivere as a traditional woman – not really interested in power – but yet a woman who loves to break a bit outside her traditional role. For the sake of the reader, that loyalty should have been put on the back burner when good ole Lance and Gwen were convinced that they’d never live to see Arthur. Engages the reader evey step of the way. Hope that helps answer your question.


However, the romance between them developed far too quickly and never made much sense to me. Cwmelot to Book Page. McKenzie does a smart job of entwining the mythical and believable to create the story that is the basis for the legend that will evolve. She’s probably one of my favorite Guinevere’s. In fact, the love all three bear one another is so strong, that honesty wins and trust is never violated.

Queen of Camelot by Nancy McKenzie |

Free with Kindle Unlimited! Yes, I mean it. Plus, the end has a bit of a plot hole. Nov 07, Laura rated it it was ok.

And then she saw it end. Salted Salted Nanct Book 1. This time she was brave against extreme adversity, loyal to Arthur in spite of her love for his favorite knight, Lancelot, who he loves like a brother.

Mcckenzie opinion is highly valued by Arthur and his knights, and she’s not afraid to be herself. Fans of Arthurian legend. Jul 26, Donna rated it did not like it. The emotions were powerful.

But the self-sacrificing seemed pointless when there came a time that it wasn’t necessary anymore. She is unable to conceive. It made for me a plausible relationship between Arthur, Gwen, and Lancelot! April 9, Sold by: The Virgin Queen’s Daughter.

Then she finds herself betrothed to that same quedn king, a hero who commands her willing devotion. Published January 2nd by Del Rey first published January 1st This Arthurian tale is narrated by Guinevere and this Guinevere claims to deeply love both Arthur and Lancelot wishing the best mcckenzie them and their honor while never completely relinquishing her hold on either man; then bemoans her “fate”, baffled that so many are willing to believe she has committed adultery with Lancelot.


Now Guinevere must make a fateful choice: She starts at the end cakelot Lancelot coming to meet with Guinevere for the last time and to tell her the details of Arthur’s death and burial although she already knows he is gone. At the side of O Arthur, Guinevere reigns strong and true. For a unique perspective on the Arthurian legend that is riveting and character-driven, this book is highly recommended.

The only true weakness I felt the book had was a slightly rushed ending. In the end, the novel is about individuals trying to fight fate and ultimately failing, perhaps because they fight fate. She lives in Danbury, Connecticut.


After all, this is a legend, and each author can interpret the personality and agenda of everyone in the story as they see fit. Her decision ends up feeling selfish and foolish a deliberate martyrdom that sacrifices the happiness of four peoplerather than forced by circumstance. Jul 23, Sarah rated it did not like it Shelves: Stay in Touch Sign up.

Jun 18, Nicole rated it really liked it Recommends it for: