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Crime Novel – Rajeshkumar. K likes. Rajeshkumar: “The king” of pocket novels as science, detective and crime novels. NOVELS ARE NOT JUST A STORY. Some of the best novels of Rajesh Kumar that I have read are – 1. Sorry Wrong Number 2. Unnai Vittal Yarumillai 3. Manidhan These books are a best read. 10 Jun Rajesh Kumar’s crime novels, which were strung like chips packets in shops in the 80s, are now available as e-books.

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In the present age, as original novels begin to dry up and authors direct their talents to the lucrative field of screenplay writing for television and cinema, Kumar is also at the head of a pack of writers that stays faithful to its lurid craft. One day, on a particularly lonely stretch of road, his scooter broke down, and the only help at hand was a boy, around 14 years old, driving a herd of goats ahead of him.

Ramani Chandran, a homemaker, wrote novels in 30 years. As authors such as Suba have moved on, they have left huge shoes that are yet to be filled. Novelw in the Rajesh Kumar Yugamother authors were less staggeringly productive but did just as well. Rajendar, and also Vijayakanth! Ina novel cost Rs2; it now costs around Rs25, still a price that can call out to browsers at the corner teashop, retirees, homemakers, train passengers and other devoted readers.

We manage maybe six or seven novels a year. Even today, in a spartan room on the terrace of his large house, he writes pages of a new story rjesh day, in perfectly lettered Tamil longhand. But inwhen he was still working a full-time job as a sales executive, he drove to his office every day on a scooter.


In that decade, an extended purple patch for Tamil pulp fiction, Kumar held a full-time job and still wrote five novels a month, selling more thancopies of each.

The reprints sell only 10, copies each. Books sit in teetering piles on the floor, or cram themselves into shelves. Every Kumar tale passes through an in-house censor: But even as they bemoan losing many readers to television megaserials, Suresh and Balakrishnan have themselves migrated to the promised land of screenplay writing.

The solution to this sudden drought, on the part of the serious pulp publishers who are cri,e in the game, has been to issue reprints of old novels.

For those treading water financially, a teashop will even act as an informal lending library, charging Rs2 to take a book home for a day or two. Kumar dismisses any talk of an imminent decline of the genre. Plus, I find these movie producers highly immoral rajesu.

Next to his writing room is the unofficial Rajesh Kumar archive—a little storeroom exploding with his published novels.

Books by Rajesh Kumar

The flavours of this genre are uniformly sensational but otherwise eclectic. With his all-polyester clothes, huge half-tinted glasses, and a rising plume of hair, Rajesh Kumar, a short man approaching 60, looks like he wishes the s had never ended—and not just for its rad fashions. It is heartening that people who cannot afford a Rs15 novel are still willing to put down Rs2 to read, and Kumar takes no little pride in that fact.

Suresh and Balakrishnan, the two authors writing jointly under the pen name Suba, held full-time bank jobs untilwrote novelw novels every day till 1am, and sold 70, copies of each of their odd novels per year.


As Kumar set off, he happened to look back once over his shoulder. The classic Tamil pulp novel runs between pages and pages and is printed on cheap paper as a monthly magazine. We led people to read, he preens —and he more than others, considering his staggering output. Mon, Sep 08 Tamil pulp fiction author Rajesh Kumar with a collection of his published works at his house in Coimbatore.

Today, a well-maintained white Zen sits on his equally well-maintained driveway. They can include the science-fiction thrillers—more fiction than science—of Kumar, the romances of Ramani Chandran, the detective knockabouts of Pattukottai Prabhakar and Suba, the religious tales kukar Indira Soundara Rajan and the social dramas of Pushpa Thangadorai.

Rajesh Kumar specials – Tamil Ebooks, Novels Online | Dailyhunt

His allergies have worked well for his readers, who can still amble down to the teashop or bus station every few weeks to find a new Crume novel.

So I jump right into the action.

An author can retain copyright of his work and still earn up to Rs30, per monthly novel; a marquee author such as Kumar makes even more, although his publisher, G. The short story that he submitted reluctantly the next day was the first of more than 2, he would go on to write, in novdls to more than 1, novels.