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The Eternity Cure (Blood of Eden) by Julie Kagawa Paperback $ In Stock. . You know how some stories stay with you even after you read the final word?. Editorial Reviews. From School Library Journal. Gr 8 Up-In Kagawa’s postapocalyptic dystopia, . Read this epic dystopian tale about what it means to survive and what it means to be human. For even vampires were human once. This was. 27 Jul The Immortal Rules by Julie Kagawa takes place in a post-apocalyptic setting where humanity has been ravaged by a virus, called the “Red.

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Let me tell you why. Desperate to survive, Allie chooses “life”, and now has to learn to live with her “dead” herself. Julie Kagawa is a master of writing here.

I do think that the novel’s pages could’ve been cut down by at least 50, particularly in the middle where the pacing slows a bit and some of the events feel a little pointless and dawdling.

It’s and she wants him to come Humans are not more than read the immortal rules by julie kagawa cattle, worshiping vampires in exchange for their survival. The characters feel genuine, each with their own strengths, weaknesses, goals and attitudes.

Allison is not a Rear, she chooses to fight back against the blood-suckers and keep her blood to ruls the only problem is Her writing is fast-paced and exciting.

However, there were the few like our main character, Allie, who refused to become donor bloodbags and lived in the impoverished districts on the outside of the main city, but still within the protected outer wall.

I need to calm down. Her writing is flawless; her creativity is out of this world. Then some truly crazy stuff happens.

Believe me, I wanted to love Allie as a character, as a strong heroine surviving as best she could in a crummy world — but I felt maneuvered to like her, especially with the lack of eead other likable or notable female characters.


From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. The other characters stayed very true to their own stations as well. There’re unexpected twists in immortwl plot that I would never have guessed and the humor in it is perfect. Nicole This book was SOO good! Kkagawa Last Best Story. First off, anything I say will never bring this book to justice. Ok… done… I promise. Days of Darkness and Blood After her blockbuster epic fantasy The Iron Fey series, Julie Kagawa introduces to a vampire infested futuristic world where everything is on ruin and dominated by those bloodsucking creatures.

But her will to live, even a life as a dead fead, overrides her hatred. read the immortal rules by julie kagawa

Blood of Eden Series

It’s just wonderful guys, so freaking wonderful. It felt so great to start a kagqwa vampire series again and it’s even greater that it’s from one of my all time favorite authors. The pull of blood leads Allie and her new found brother to New Covington, where they discover a new outbreak threatening humanity.

The Immortal Rules was I am SO glad I did. Allie is an unregistered registered are the people that give blood in exchange for food and stuff so she is like a ghost to the society.

Our mission is to to help libraries serving teens and anyone who cares about teens and to foster a community of read the immortal rules by julie kagawa development and resource sharing by providing quality information, discussions, book reviews and more. Even when she’s cast out of the group she still protects them, risking her own life in the process which goes against everything in her nature. This kagaawa a sort of post-apocalyptic dystopian alternate reality deal where a virus wipes out most of the human population.

God has abandoned this world.

Blood of Eden Series by Julie Kagawa

Read the immortal rules by julie kagawa Scouts of Read the immortal rules by julie kagawa. I wonder why the other authors haven’t thought of that idea,considering the fact that so many series on vampire fiction have been published over the last few years. I feel as if they are way too overdone, the same story recycled over and over again until there is no originality left.


To be honest I haven’t even picked up any of Julie Kagawa’s Iron Fey novels so I didn’t know what to expect when reading this, but I am so glad it exceeded my expectations! Lastly, the love interest, Zeke, and his traveling group, were all perfect in their own way.

It makes you cringe, it makes you hate vampires. Let’s hope Cupcake Boy kzgawa get too jealous. Can you tell how much I loved this book? It doesn’t really make sense, in fact, it seems kind of ridiculous that the only vampires with touches of morality are the ones we’re supposed to like. Vampires decide to “come out” immortsl take over, fulfilling the role of the tyrannical government. Also, thank you to Suzie for lending me her books and recommending me this series!

Blood of Eden (series)

When she flees from New Covington, Allie runs into a group of humans. Because if she can make faeries sound exciting, just what will she do with vampires? She meets up with a small group of humans searching for something impossible — a city without vampires.

The slight interruption dissipates when rlues group continues their search, yet makes an unplanned stop when Allie discovers that Zeke is also infected read the immortal rules by julie kagawa that the infection is spreading quickly.

This is more a coming-of-age story than anything else. Had I come across The Immortal Rules on my own, chances are that I would not have purchased it due to a few key elements: I need to lose five pounds.

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