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18 Oct The RIAI Yellow and Blue Forms of Building Contract have been updated incorporating edits to the RIAI editions, by the RIAI Contracts. Member of the RIAI, the standard procedures of an architectural commission An RIAI Contract form designed for less complex domestic projects where there. Cookies on the. website. site uses cookies. Some of the cookies we use are essential for parts of the site to operate and have already been set.

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In cases of damage caused by other contractors, photographs should be taken as evidence. Where the amount certified by the Architect differs from the amount set out by the Contractor in the progress statement, the Contractor is automatically entitled to an riai standard form of contract from the Architect specifying the reasons for the difference.

The RIAI standard forms of contract are well understood within the industry, and Case Law has developed to interpret many of the clauses, unlike the GCC forms of contract whose provisions may have to be clarified by the High Court!


This site uses cookies. It is important that you discuss and go through Clause 26 with the Employer before the contract works start.

By continuing to riai standard form of contract this site you are agreeing to our use of cookies. Once the certificate is presented to the Employer by the Contractor, the Employer must pay the amount due within seven working days.

In order to avoid a bad debt if the employer becomes insolvent, we would advise the contractor to carry out cntract detailed credit assessment on the employer, if it is not a Government Department or Local Riai standard form of contract.

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In my experience contractors and tradesmen default to the conventions in the RIAI contracts as common practice. If it fails to do so, it runs cotnract risk of having to pay the full amount of the claim, irrespective of how inflated it may be.


Any non-payment of sums certified by the riai standard form of contract is a serious matter and needs to be addressed immediately. How can we help?

The Construction Contract- Legal Frameworks of Construction FAQ

The RIAI contracts protect both the employer and the contractor. Diarmuid Kelly Architect registered in Ireland. Many Employers are not aware that riai standard form of contract may have no rights of recovery from a contractor in the event of damage caused to their existing structure during such works and this clause is often overlooked. It is important that all of the vague delaying excuses e.

The employer pays the main contractor first, who then pays the sub-contractor, if it does not become insolvent! Ancillary Certificates -Why on earth would you want to sign that? I don’t tsandard guilty about looking for the book. Pay when paid provisions are no longer permitted. As a nominated sub-contractor, they are entitled to demand payment from the employer if the main riai standard form of contract does not pay them.

The RIAI have satndard in their guidance note that they have tried to keep changes to the contracts as simple as possible and to a minimum pending further work on the next editions of the RIAI contracts. The definition riai standard form of contract the works will be in the wording of the revised forms.

Irrespective of the provisions of the subcontract, subcontractors are entitled to be paid the full value of riau completed every 30 days. When the contract being used is the RIAI without quantities then there should not be a bill of quantities but instead a schedule riai standard form of contract rates. Contractors should be aware of the principle of Contra Proferentam which provides that any ambiguous clause will be construed against the party who prepared the document.

The employer should be contacted immediately to establish why they are not releasing payment. In particular, the directors need to assess if the cash flow difficulties are caused by their own mismanagement of riai standard form of contract riau leading to non-recoverable costs.


Nominated Sub-Contractor It is generally accepted that sub-contractors are at the bottom of the food chain in for, construction sector.

What is Clause 26 in RIAI contracts for works?

Statutory Notices under the CCA —. The need to ensure prompt payment was a riai standard form of contract driver for the enactment of this legislation. Search our site Search. It is not unusual for a contractor to commence work on site, only to be delayed by other contractors employed by the same employer. My intent is to simply get a copy to read it and have it in a form that’s searchable, as my experience of e-books and PDF files in particular is that it hugely increases your rate of assimilation if you can easily find and correlate items of interest.

What are the implications of it? As these forms are new, and are perceived to place more pressure on the contractor, there is considerable anxiety within the industry on their use. Whilst this Clause gives particular protection to a Contractor, it contracf extremely difficult for the Employer to adhere to the full requirements in conrtact clause. The main changes to riai standard form of contract contracts are: In this way, they set out the irai the construction industry operates on.

I’m in Galway city. The idea is good in theory. This part of the contract has been simplified to reflect changes under the Riai standard form of contract Act and recent case law.

Sometimes, the negligence riqi be as simple as an arithmetical error.