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GATE. ELECTRONICS & COMMUNICATION Topicwise Solved Paper Year – By RK Kanodia & Ashish Murolia For more GATE Resources, Mock Test. April 10, at pm · Filed under GATE ·Tagged AIR-1, All India Rank 1 . The notations used in the problems from a, I think, are from the book .. this is mani from rank ante antha easy kaadu adi ECE words. 2 Nov gate guide ece version ee8a spring 3 alias = once you have logged into previous year solved paper by rk kanodia & ashish murolia.

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Hi Sujith brother, This is Raj,preparing for gate using Kanodia. Communication Engineering After my preparation last time, I was still afraid of this subject because there were still obscure concepts from digital communications, PLL based demodulation of FM and SNR calculations. I do not see a way to kanoddia the drive cage from the service manual. Kshitij Choudhari rockshitij said. Keep updating your websites. I can surely say that Digital Electronics is the topic which is easier compared to the other topics and it is a good scoring subject with respect to GATE.

You must solve problems and problems. Sujith Kumar B’s Blog. I read the article and might have missed your mail ID. Last time I went through Sadiku. Im so late to congratulate u but still many congrats to u. Mailed my HR for the resignation.



U inspired me … One question. Scam Free Network Marketing Volume 1. If you have passion in research, PhD is a good option. I bore the brunt of my ignorance I lost 1.

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Click this link for the PDF. But why are you getting into MS?? Hello, I really liked and inspired by your story OK not a story. English is particularly difficult for me as my schooling was in Telugu Medium.

Should i solve unsolved ques of standard books to avoid silly mistakes? In my case, I thought I was wrong when I was doubtful about dce of the concepts.

Ur post is really motivating and this night i can feel away from any and every fear related to gate.


Your blog is really motivating and congrats for ur result…. I m from instrumentation. Dce am going to write gate on This time, i want single digit rank.

You may spend more time on the subjects you feel difficult gage GATE gives, on an average, equal weightage to all the subjects. All the very best and Adios! Ujjwal Kumar Sen said.

I have among highest paying Job though I want to go for P. April 10, at 3: This also surprised me as I felt I did not attempt it well and I forgot my calculator for that exam. Collected Writings of Dr. Can you suggest me how to start my preparation from now it self.


How is it different from any less reputed college? So to get the best, you have to overcome the fears. I think whatever suggestions one gives, the time and gahe one spends totally depends the person and his level of understanding.

I looked in the internet for Reading Comprehension after attending the classes. It was a disaster left me blank minded. But I have decided to go home and do my studies from there.

First, they conducted written test for 1 hour. What have you done to overcome these type of situations. Thanks for the info Gaurav. Can you please tell me how was your experience at Ace and how is Gateforum classes in terms of their course content and training.