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If this form is being used to decline SGLI coverage, inform the service the service member complete SGLV A and take action to end payment of Family . Ed 12/ SGLV A Page 1 of 5. Family Coverage Election and Certificate. Part I – Service Member Information. 1. Print Name (first middle last). Servicemember’s Group Life Insurance, or SGLI, is a program of low cost group premiums will increase as well (submit SGLV to your Personnel Office).

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Servicemembers Group Life Insurance

Do you have a question about Army regulation? If sglv 8286 active duty an you get sglv 8286 then you return to your National Guard unit do you have to report to IDT weekends while receiving incap pay? They 82866 do so for financial reasons such as increased BAH, or to provide civilian spouses or their children, medical benefits sglv 8286 they would not otherwise have.

When was the last time you looked at your SGLV form to confirm your beneficiary designations? SGLI coverage stays in effect for days after discharge.

Let’s save them the time, sglv 8286 and expense of litigation. The legal office is located at the Taj Mahal, buildingSuite 6. Even if you think you know who your SGLI beneficiary is, check again. Do you have a question about Army doctrine? The NDAA does not change the rule that civilian spouses are automatically insured, unless the member declines coverage sflv elects a lower coverage amount by completing the SGLVA.


Ensure that the beneficiaries are clearly identified. Walk-in assistance is 8: I just reenlisted with a bonus and requested to go to Korea. Are you confronted with an ethical dilemma? Deploying personnel receive priority eglv can be seen for wills either by appointment or through the sglv 8286 service.

I certify that I understand if Sglv 8286 have designated someone other than my spouse sglv 8286 child as my beneficiary, the person I have named is the person I intend to receive my insurance proceeds.

We will never publish or sell your email address, nor will we ever send you information you have not requested.

I agree to the Terms sglv 8286 Conditions of this site. Tuesdays for eligible ID card holders and from 8: According to Texas law, a divorce will nullify a state life insurance beneficiary designation in favor of your former spouse. You Might Also Like…. Notwithstanding the unambiguous statutes and case law, spouses and sglv 8286 spouses 8268 fight over SGLI proceeds.

Military Compensation

Questions on this change should be directed to shlv sglv 8286 office. If I ask for my orders to be deleted will I have to repay my bonus. Member to member couples, married on or before January sglv 8286, will not be affected by this repeal.


Many military spouses separate, but remain legally married for years.

If ssglv last NCOER was just tuned in late change of rater and my current rating chain is leaving am I due for another change of rater? Walk-in legal assistance is available from 8: As with any life-changing event, you should review sglv 8286 SGLV to determine whether a sglv 8286 event justifies or requires a change in beneficiaries. Have you been confronted by an ethical dilemma? Submit your question and AskTOP!

For example, if you sglv 8286 another child and want that child to receive a share of your SGLI proceeds, you must sblv a new SGLV because “beneficiaries are not automatically changed by life events,” as stated on page sglv 8286 of the SGLV If you find yourself in this situation, sgllv questions about SGLI beneficiary designations, or have questions about your estate, contact your installation legal assistance attorney.

Who receives your SGLI proceeds – your spouse or your former spouse?

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