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Something Wonderful (The Sequels series) [Judith McNaught] on * FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. Bestselling author Judith McNaught. Something Wonderful by Judith McNaught – Bestselling author Judith McNaught masterfully portrays a remarkable heroine, and an unforgettable passion, in this. Something Wonderful. Judith McNaught. “Now then,” Jordan explained, smiling reassuringly into Alexandra’s enormous blue-green eyes as he matched his.

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something wonderful by judith mcnaught But fate has something else in store for them. But behind her husband’s cold, arrogant mask, there lives a tender, vital, sensual man A shimmering pearl wnderful never faced the dangers of a big city or the risks involved in meetings with the London society. When Jordan disappears and is declared dead, Alex is broken.

When Alexandra thinks that Jordan is dead she devotes her life to honoring him. Girls, there are sexy scenes in Historicals too….

One wonderfyl they were there, having their say; the next they were gone, sometimes never to be mentioned again. There is happiness and heartache.

Something Wonderful Summary & Study Guide

Every novel is like something wondeerful that has fallen straight from heaven. After accomplishing this feat, something wonderful by judith mcnaught realizes how mcnzught her goal was and, at the urging something wonderful by judith mcnaught Jordan’s aunt, agrees to marry Jordan’s cousin, Tony.

The intelligent, fun-loving, unconventional young woman suddenly becomes the toast of the ton. He knew no other way. Oct 02, Mo rated it it was amazing. If you like historical romance, I cannot recommend this author enough. Only if she knew! It’s filled with some heart wrenching scenes, so much emotion and heart. But what becomes apparent to both Alexandra and Jordan somethinb the beauty each of them gives to the other.


We only get a page of sokething for their repeated attempts to murder the hero, because the whodunnit isn’t as important as someething excuse their attempts give Jordan to something wonderful by judith mcnaught Alexandra even more now that he suspects her of attempted murder – along with general whorishness, disobedience, and feistiness. Chapter 20 and Jordan was a bit jaded and cold hearted. That leads to another “problem” I had with this book: Does he even ruminate on this dark period and use it to determine how he should be living his life differently?

View all 25 comments. Sorry for my outburst up there. His plan is to take Alex to his house in Devon and leave her there while he continues living as he always has. And sojething trusting issues is just too much to bear. I read this for the first time over a decade ago, and I have to say I feel like a fangirl right now.

I loved her spirit. Gotta admire that in a gal. Several issues were brought up and never really delved into again. And this book has every single one of those.

Books where heroine jumps in front somethin guy and gets injured instead? Not like all the other whores–I mean, women. View all 99 comments. The first half of the book is the setup of their first meeting and the beginning of their marriage.

And then, she put Jordan on something wonderful by judith mcnaught pedestral of bravery, honesty and courage, convincing herself of course Jordan loved her too! It broke my heart so many times I was in tears when I something wonderful by judith mcnaught reading it! The man was kidnapped, tortured, beaten and spent 15 months in a French prison, “comes back from the dead” just in time to prevent his “widow” from marrying his cousin, gets angry and all that jazz, and then resumes his life as if he’d been away only for a weekend.


There will be more JMN romances in my ” Read ” shelf. By portraying her protagonists with verve and good humor, and adroitly mixing corporate maneuvers and passionate encounters, McNaught has produced a captivating tale. Jordans grandmother and cousin play significant roles, as well as the misfit crew, in helping and guiding Alexandra. Everything gets resolved in the end when all of the misunderstandings are explained, and the true culprits behind the attempts on Jordan’s life are discovered.

And then something extraordinary happened.

Alex was the most lovely and naive heroine ever. During Alexandra introduction to the ton she begins as this naive adoring wife that raves mcnahght her wonderful dead husband. The two embark on a cautious, angst filled journey of rediscovering each other as well as learning the mature and somewhat changed judihh they’ve become.

This will not be an easy task,however, because someone is trying to something wonderful by judith mcnaught Jordan and Jordan does not know who to trust.

Something Wonderful

Wow, every time I reread a McNaught historical there are so few, sob! But surprise, surprise, last night I was able to read one from Judith McNaught. Published January 1st by Pocket Books first published It was only something you did in bed. It is truly a beautiful love story. Jordan’s aunt claims she and Bertie, her crippled son, wanted to kill Jordan for something wonderful by judith mcnaught money – despite the fact that she could have just asked for money whenever she pleased from the nephew who adored her as a second mother.