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The Steps Method is a method to teach children to play chess. A large number. That is why the manual for Step 6 differs from the previous ones. The target. Step 1. In the first step all the rules of the chess game are introduced.

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This book is not a manual for trainers, but a self-study manual for anyone interested, in other words for the independent learner. I myself am a book guy, but the younger generation is immediate gratification visual. Watching her play blitz, she seemed strong.

Anyone who watches junior chess and thinks for a moment will understand the justification for this way of doing things. Giri is the only Dutch player in the top Stap 6 There are not so many chess trainers for the higher steps and for sure not for step 6. I think that the chess Hendriks describes is real, but only for strong players.

Learn chess with the Steps Method – the-steps

The study of such exercises is particularly important for improving playing strength. I think this is for the best. I think that for beginners and less talented players — the vast majority of us — the structured approach found in the Steps is helpful and perhaps necessary.

All of the GMs you mention had intensive and expensive private coaching. That means that there is no hint as to the theme of the exercise, with the result that they are more like a real game.


Implicit here, of course, is my criticism of typical American chess education. Van Wijgerden, who became a trainer for stappenmethhode Dutch chess federation in and later took over education at the Max Euwe Academyhas trained most of the leading Dutch players of our time.

Ideally we would spend one full year in Step 1, and real tournament play would not begin for at least that long.

At least two generations of Americans have tried to learn chess via mega-doses of tactical puzzles. It is advisable to go through this manual in combination with the workbook for Step 6. The theme’s are known from Step 1 and Step 1 plus. Has anyone ever used the system. A great review and summary, thanks much! Sense and Nonsense in Improving Stappenmthode Chess.

Players are led through six courses of planned training, beginning with the most basic components of chess understanding. The first step is divided in 15 lessons. The reminders disappeared except for one. There chess is organized around the local club with active and dedicated junior sections. The Steps Method has been translated into 10 languages, and it is used in countries around the world.

Thanks for you thoughts! Step 1 mix 1 st edition 64 pages with drawings. When a concept is difficult, and “mate” is certainly that, it helps to do a lot of varied practice. The chapters on strategic themes are relatively more demanding and require more of an effort. I thought, after reading Reinfeld and struggling to solving a few puzzles from Pandolfini, that I was ready to take on the world.


Hendriks forgets that one must be taught to read before one can actually do so.

The Steps method

A ratings stapppenmethode think: From some of the stuff on the site, assumed it was very likely the case that step 4 was more suited for people trying to makenotbut I might be stronger than my current USCF rating. The level of difficulty is higher than in the basic workbook of Step 6.

For this reason alone the extra workbooks are an indispensable supplement. I didn’t see anyone address whether the levels accurately correspond to those ratings.

Solve positions, then solve more positions. II Things are very different in stappenmethods Netherlands. Mar 22, 6. Many of the themes covered in earlier Steps return here in more complicated form, and heavy attention is given to strategy and endgames.

The Chess Steps

Email required Address never made public. When the Black has 10 lives kings On the remaining 42 pages there ztappenmethode always 12 positions a page. Part one of Stepping stones corresponds to lesson 1 up till 6 in the manual, part two begins with mate.

There is nothing wrong in criticizing or advocating, even if mistaken ,as long as you are sincere.