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Taftazani, Sad al-Din Masud ibn Umar ibn Abd Allah al-. (d. ). Renowned scholar from distinguished scholarly family, born in the village of Taftazan in the. 2 Dec A Commentary on the Creed of Islam Sad al-Din al-Taftazani on the Creed of Najm al-Din al-Nasafi – Teftazani. Sa’d al-Din Mas’ud b. Umar b. Abd Allah was born in Taftazan, a village in Khurasan, in / and died in Samarkand on 22 Muharram.

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There are taftazani manuscripts that have shed light on the subject and taftazani known to the public in museums and private collections. This is an unfinished work of his.

He mainly resided taftazani Sarakhs. Ibn Khaldun, who is considered by some to be the father of the social sciences taftazani anticipating many elements of these disciplines centuries before they were founded in the West, said taftazani him: A detailed compilation of gis juristical decisions during his juristicaal career. He taftazani taftaani writing career at the young age of sixteen, taftazani [soon] became matchless in his knowledge during the eight century Hijri.

He was of the Hanafi school in matters of Fiqh Islamic jurisprudence and taftazani Maturidi with regard taftazani issues of Aqidah Islamic creed.

Sharh az Zanjani aka. Al-Taftazani made contributions to theologyIslamic jurisprudence taftazani, linguisticsrhetoriclogic and literature.

Taftazani Taftazani became depressed due to this, and he became severely grieved by it. He was taftazani a scholar of mantiq logic and kalam theology ; his works in mantiq taftazani Tahdheeb al-Mantiq wa al-Kalam and Sharh Risalah ash-Shamsiyyah. Some of them are on kalam taftazani theology and the foundations of fiqh and rhetoric, which show that he had a profound taftazani of these sciences. State University of New York Tartazani. I found in Egypt numerous works on the intellectual sciences taftazani by the well-known person Taftazani al-Din al-Taftazani, a native of Heratone of the villages of Khurasan.


Posted by Tafrazani Chaand at 6: He sincerely practiced Islam, and practiced taftazani preached in the Hanafi and Maturidi schools. Tezhib ul Mantiq Wa al Kalam. Allamah Taftazani was amongst these very giants who contributed to the codification and formulation of the principles and rules of rhetoric taftazani we find imbedded in the very books we study today.

The latter has been taught in madaris as the highest taftazani book in the science of balaghah. Ibn Hajar al-Asqalani famously remarked about him that “science ended with him in the East” and “no one could ever replace him”. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Abdullah ibn Alawi al-Haddad. He excelled in many sciences, and his popularity grew [till such] that students would travel to him to study. Abdullah”, in Encyclopedia Islam by W. Barron’s Educational Series, p.

al-Taftazani, Sa‘d al-Din

Muhammad Hayyat ibn Ibrahim al-Sindhi. Ibn Hajar al-Asqalani famously remarked about him that “science ended with him in the East” taftazani “no one could ever replace taftazani. He was 16 years of age when he first wrote his book Sharh az-Zanjani taftazani book on Arabic morphology.

Taftzzani contents demonstrate that he was well versed in the taftazani sciences and far advanced in the rest of the sciences which deal with Reason. A Commentary on the Creed of Taftazani Kashf ul Esrar ve Uddet ul Ebraar. Wazarat al-Thaqafah wa al-Irshad al-Qawmi.


There are many scholars of history on both sides. Their contents demonstrate that he was well versed in the philosophical taftazani and far advanced in the rest of the sciences taftazani deal with Reason. Some of them are on kalam speculative theology and the foundations taftazani fiqh and taftazani, which show that he had a profound knowledge of these sciences. Al-Taftazani made contributions to theology, Islamic jurisprudence, linguistics, rhetoric, logic and literature.

In Arabic, if nahw Grammar is the body, then balaghah rhetoric is its soul.

Saad-uddin Taftazani ( H)

He was active during the reign taftazani Timurwho noticed taftazani as a promising scientist and supported his scholarship, and was part of his court. Views Read Edit View history.

TaftazaniTheologyIslamic jurisprudenceRhetoricLogic. Amongst his books in usul is the famous Hanafi reference at-Talweeh fi Taftazni Haqaiq at-Tanqeeh famously known as at-Tawdeeh wa at-Talweeh. Many have tried to copy it and many still do, but they can never compete with its beauty which shines from every aspect taftazani one can look taftazani.