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1 Jan In this new combined version of The Fourth Dimension – Volumes One and Two, Dr. David (Paul) Yonggi Cho’s comprehensive spiritual. 26 May Dr David Yonggi Cho “You are a Fourth Dimensional being living in a Third Dimensional world,” said David Yonggi Cho, speaking at the. 2 Nov This post contains my “book review” of “The Fourth Dimension” by Dr. David Yonggi Cho. This “review” is not intended as an academic exercise.

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Feb 03, Audrey rated it it was amazing.

This is one I wasn’t planning on reading, but someone else I knew insisted I read a certain chapter, fourgh led to reading the whole thing. They prayed for Peter v. Light Upon Light Sarah Arthur.

The Fourth Dimension

We use cookies to give you the best possible experience. One of the keys to gaining entrance into the Fourth Dimension is by having divine visions and dreams.

The main point that I gained from both this verse and Dr. It is built on a prime location within the city which had remained undeveloped due to a huge rock outcropping that could not be removed. Although anyone who has a personal relationship with Christ will love Him to a greater or lesser degree I believe that Dr.


David Paul Yonggi Cho’s comprehensive spiritual philosophy on the power of dynamic faith is brought together in one place for completeness and ease of reference. Tiba-tiba mata saya tertarik pada satu buku yang berjudul “Dimensi Keempat”. Sep 22, Rob Markley rated it it was amazing Shelves: I feel that I defiantly do not have this level of awareness yet butI know that I would be much more effective in bringing His kingdom into my circumstances if I did. Thus your faith for good things will be undermined.

The Fourth Dimension : Pastor David Yonggi Cho :

This year one of my main goals for Pioneer is to break out in prophetic ministry. Aug 30, Debra Johnson rated it it was amazing. Lord, we need your wisdom. I obviously didn’t get past any of that. Tattoos on the Heart Fr Gregory Boyle. As I am currently learning Biblical Greek this was obviously of great interest to me.

Sebenarnya saya menemukan buku ini secara kebetulan saja, saat sedang menginap di rumah saudara dan merasa bosan, iseng-iseng saya melihat tumpukan koleksi buku-buku di sebuah rak. Ia pun saat itu juga masih hidup melarat, saking miskinnya sampai hal yang pertama ia minta di dalam doa kepada Tuhan adalah sebuah meja kayu mahoni berangka besi untuk tempat ia menulis dan sebuah sepeda bikinan Amerika yang kokoh sehingga bisa menemaninya berjalan sejauh ratusan kilometer dalam menjangkau jemaat.

This book helped me to be specific about what I ask God.


After contracting the disease Dr. Two Slices of Bread Ingrid Coles. The Letter of James Douglas J.

Entering Into The Power Of The Fourth Dimension

Amy Carmichael Janet Benge. The church faced a seemingly impossible situation.

Dreams and Visions Dr. In chapter four Dr. By continuing to use this website, you agree to their use. He speaks about how J ames 3: I believe that the natural result of a lack of passion will be that I cease to visualise and confess my desire as it will no longer be at the forefront of my mind. Cho was healed of his condition and began to attend bible school, which eventually led to his becoming a pastor.

Cho argues that this dedication of a whole chapter to love is not because it is more important than the spiritual gifts but because it should be the fundamental motivation for their use. It was the capital of the East in the ancient world.