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The Lost Child has 66 ratings and 4 reviews. Niradhip said: The Lost child is a short story about a child and his aspiration, demands and realization. Th. Simply, Mulk Raj Anand’s story, The Lost Child narrates how a little boy was lost in the crowd of a village fair. It tells us how on his way to the fair he was attracted . 31 Jan The short story “The Lost Child” by Mulk Raj Anand describes how a little child was lost in the crowd of a village fair. One day, on the day of the.

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Thematic Concerns in Mulk Raj Anand’s The Lost Child and other stories.

Manikanta rated it did not like it Dec 14, He reaches a temple but the huge crowd at the door knocks him off of his feet. He is aware that his desire and limits his confession to a faint whisper aanand moves on.

Which is the case for the man when the boy finds chiild parents. Anand is admired for his novels and short stories, which have acquired Mulk Raj Anand was an Indian writer in English, notable for his depiction of the lives of the poorer castes in traditional Indian society.

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However, his attention again flirts with new pursuits, little worms and insects. It might also be a case that the parents have an expectation for their son to learn to enjoy the festival of spring without being side tracked by the vendors whose sole purpose is to make money. Mulk Raj Anand was an Indian writer in English, notable for his depiction of the lives of the poorer castes in traditional Indian society.


He turned to look at his parents. Brief Analysis of R. Highlight 5 ways in which the story is relevant even today decades after it was first penned by its author Mulk Raj Anand. The child went towards the snake-charmer.

Leaves a lump of Sweet longing and tugs at your Heartstrings.

Then they came to a snake-charmer who was playing on a flute before a snake. But it would go fluttering, flapping, up into the air, when he had almost caught it in his hands. His mother warned him not to go far away and asked him to be with them. Whose baby are you? Arpan Ghosh rated it liked it May 19, Did you like this article? It was very useful. Farheen August 3, 4: Nothing that the man can do for the boy reassures him.

Chilx some critics might also suggest that both parents are being frugal or mean. To him, they represent a greater catch than any toy at the fair. His chidl attempts to relocate his parents find no sympathy in a crowd of the strangers which is consumed in self-indulgence, frolics and merrymaking. This book is not yet featured on Listopia. He tries to find his parents in the people who are busy in laughing, jesting and moving all teh. The crowd is thronging out of the town and moving toward the village fair.

The child was simply carried away by the rainbow glory of their silken colours and he was filled with an overwhelming desire to possess them all. No trivia or quizzes yet. However it might be important to remember that the boy himself does not necessarily consider his parents mean.

He was educated first at the Punjab University from where he graduated Then he went to England and studied Philosophy in London and Cambridge Universities.


The Lost Child by Mulk Raj Anand

This could be important aanand the boy rather than wanting the things that he had previously wanted only wants the security of his mother and father. Books by Mulk Raj Anand.

The cosmos of literature and the scenario of our country are garnished with his superb presentations of the portraits of Indian life and customs. Burst of Creativity among Af Taksh Shah rated it really liked it Dec 22, About Mulk Raj Anand. Jagannath September 11, 1: People will still wish to make a connection with another person the man and the boy.

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English for Undergraduate students: The Lost Child – Mulk Raj Anand

He shows a great understanding of his circumstance and does not linger too long at any of his desired allurements. His turban loet off and clothes became shabby with sweat and dust.

The little boy lagged behind his parents as he was attracted anznd the toys displayed in the shops of the fair. Tight Corners — E. Kamrul Hossen rated it did not like it Jan 08, The little boy lagged behind his parents as he was attracted by a toy-shop.

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