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The Sane Society has ratings and 92 reviews. Elena said: This book has been a psychological survival manual for me. I will always be indebted to Fr. 23 Mar The Sane Society: The Great Humanistic Philosopher and Psychologist Erich Fromm on How to Save Us From Ourselves. “The whole life of the. The Sane Society is a continuation and extension of the brilliant psychiatric concepts Erich Fromm first formulated in Escape from Freedom; it is also, in many .

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Is that homeless guy throwing his bedroll under the freeway overpass, or that eccentric “bag-lady” with all her belongings in a shopping cart–are these the healthiest, the most sane of us all? The conflict between capital and labor is much more than the conflict between two classes, more than their fight for a greater share of the social product.

In The Sane SocietyFromm examines the alienating effects of modern capitalism, and discusses historical and the sane society erich fromm alternatives, particularly communitarian systems. The Sane Society is a continuation of author’s previous works and I assume reasons of feeling so reluctant to rate it high now is perhaps I’m missing the other the sane society erich fromm.

What has often been called “human nature” is but one of its many manifestations – and often a pathological one – and the function of such mistaken definition usually has been to defend a particular type of society as being the necessary one.

They use television to build up political personalities as they use it to build up a soap; what matters is the effect, in sales or votes, not the rationality or usefulness of what is presented.

The wisdom here is that should we stubbornly frlmm in clinging to this higher self’s claims, we will pay the price in isolation. Where to go from here? Even though this was written in s, yet the book is the sane society erich fromm accurate on various aspects of modern society mental problems that are rooted in the problems of materialism and overconsumption.

But what if the society is Nazi Germany?

I the sane society erich fromm recommend to read The Art of Loving first, even though it came out a year later. As the author says, eirch is mainly due to t I like how the author explains his theories and defends them with other sources and also criticizes the sources at the same time. I’ll for sure be back to write detailed review as I was contemporary with former Yugoslavian state that he claims as example form any future modern te could be considering as more human, much livable than modern capitalism has to offer.


Here Fromm offers a complete and systematic exploration of his ” humanistic psychoanalysis. I recommend this book to everyone who is interested in socialist ideals, and the perfect solution to modern societal issues. A loving fate thf us from this first panic. He’s right– it is an indicator of an insane or, as the contemporary types like to say nowadays “unsustainable” society– but it’s a survival strategy for us wage slaves in that insane society. Can a person truly be sane healthy in body, mind and soul in a society which is the sane society erich fromm But Fromm is a bit better than that.

The Sane Society – Wikiquote

Of course, the book is slightly utopian, and I am sure that the author intended it as such, if simply to draw attention to the contrast between what is desirable and what is actually occurring ; and as a writer once said, ‘Utopia may not exist ; but I would not be happy to live in a the sane society erich fromm where it wasn’t at least marked on a map. Fromm’s previous works first is the best to do.

People are not interested in each other as people, but as commodities. Fromm examines man’s escape into overconformity and the sane society erich fromm danger of robotism in contemporary industrial society: A nation-wide socialist movement would quickly run into the problem of coercion and the decay of democracy.

He died in Inhe moved to New York and became a professor at Columbia University.

The Sane Society 4. Hhe is the conflict between two principles of value: It is the state’s task to not only educate the children, but keep a lifelong interest in the education and growth of its citizens. Now the admittedly risky alternative of looking into recovering the deeper meaning of Success and Community Belonging is not usually recognized.

Having some perspective about real priorities instead of just going with the flow, thinking one might just somehow slide past the nauseating feeling of emptiness, can perhaps enable constructive action before more of life slips past ever more people, irretrievably. In this sense, Fromm seems to suffer from the decided lack of imagination on the part of many ‘leftists’ of his day it’s hardly different now In this system the state is reasonably strong but many local groups of citizens come together for discussions, and their discussions and suggestions are sent to the next level, which in turn sends it up to the next level etc.


He started his own clinical practice and the sane society erich fromm the Frankfurt Institute for Social Research. Why should you keep informed then? Why is it always that the situation is so rigged that in the sane society erich fromm to succeed, we must set the most vital parts of ourselves ablaze on the pyre of society?

The Sane Society

It’s interesting to reflect, too, on the fact that even when this book was published, its the sane society erich fromm were familiar, had been examined and dramatized by writers and artists already for a century, as Fromm himself points out. The best chapters in this book remain the the sane society erich fromm ones, the ones where Fromm lays out his beliefs about human nature and asks what kinds of social structures best support the development of our best selves.

His most popular book, The Art of Loving, was first published in and became an international bestseller. Erich Fromm was a German-born U. And here’s the most inspiring light that we can hold up to the fear that besets such venturing from false security: It was still an outrage, still something that could inspire a truly political act.

It solidified my respect for psychoanalytic thought, and it led me to connect with a spiritual tradition that has in turn shaped my life for the past 12 years. Tony Judt recently wrote a book called Ill Fares the Land with many similar criticisms and concludes that a return to full social democracy think Europe would fix most things.