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Start studying UNGAME QUESTIONS. Learn vocabulary, terms, and more with flashcards, games, and other study tools. Offers an opportunity for SELF EXPRESSION since all questions pertain to you. Create greeting cards for friends by gluing appropriate Ungame question. 15 Jul The Ungame, produced in Brea by Talicor Inc., is about communication, She began to think of questions she would most like to ask them.

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Send an Ungame home with the assignment that the family plays it together. Discover ideas about Game Night. Bring family members closer ungame questions getting out the Ungame during holiday gatherings.

You are so welcome, provided I can convince anyone else to ever play it again. She began to think of questions she would most like to ask them. I had never heard of this before but people are coming out of the woodwork to tell me they used to play this.

Sign in Register Forgot password? Pocket Ungame – All Ages Edition. We were forced to play this game in church youth group in the 90s. What is something you really like about your relationship?


Place an Ungame card under the plates on the table at mealtime. Saying No to Drugs 25 pack.

Your writing made me want to play this, even though playing it would probably be the worst thing I ever experienced. Video a family playing the Ungame and send it to someone who lives far away.

For Teens Only Pamphlet: We needed to play this, as a group, and find out what its deal was. Players loop and circle the board in some sort of talk-therapy purgatory until the time limit runs out.


This is a terrible tragedy. Suggest that students role play as they give their answers. View detailed images 1. It’s called the Ungame, and that’s exactly what it is. Take a Pocket version of the Ungame in the car or bus, plane to play while traveling. The player could land on a space requiring an answer to a question card, or a space allowing a comment to another player.

The cards encourage people to spend quality time with each other, improve listening skills, promote fairness, elicit self-talk, enhance self-discovery and raise self-esteem, and foster understanding and acceptance of others.

Pocket Ungame – Couples Version – Games

Notify me of new unagme by email. If only we could play this via Skype. Video a group playing the Ungame and view it a ungame questions later.

Pocket Ungame – Couples Version Publisher: Suggest that students role play as they give their answers. What adjustments must be made when a couple has children? Pocket Ungame – Family Edition.

Let students draw an Ungame card to use as a ungane writing topic. Impairment Part 1 DVD. What emotion is most likely to interfere with your relationship?

Rhea Zakich

As people arrive at a social gathering, tape an Ungame card on their back and challenge questione to guess the question by hearing friends give their answers. Ring a bell and read a new question for all the players to the left to take a turn, etc.

The board game questions feature different questions than in this card game.

Pocket Ungame – Kids Edition. Give 2 answers to each question, your 6-year-old answer ungamr your current answer. Pocket Ungame – Teen Edition. Play the Ungame as though you are a group of 9 year olds or teens, or 90 year olds 9.

The commercial version of the game has sold more than 1 million copies in English, Spanish, French, German questoins Italian.

Need it by November 14th? Deck 1 great as an ice breaker, to get acquainted, for fun and laughter Deck 2 jngame for sharing feelings, talking about values, relating experiences Instructions Note: Facing a week, and possibly a lifetime, of silence terrified Zakich ungamme, she wrote, made her realize that she and her family had never truly communicated their most significant thoughts and feelings to one another.


Place an Ungame card under the plates on the table at mealtime. You have to stop playing eventually 45 minutes to an hour is the suggested length of time for a single gameand if it’s not your turn to talk, you have to shut up and listen.

Ways to Use The Ungame | Rhea Zakich

Coincidentally, so is the typical length ungwme a therapy session. Order in the next 11 hours and upgrade to 2 Day Shipping at checkout. Have an Ungame near the office for students who are waiting to see the principal. This game encourages players to be real and honest, so it is not a game where players pretend to be or do something This site requires JavaScript to function properly. The standard Ungame uses two sets of question cards.

Ask a question questiond this product. Lead a communication workshop, putting people into small groups Decide who will go first in each group.

Use one question card a ungame questions as a journal topic, writing on that subject. They require shouting, contortions, incoherent babbling, or all three at onceyou might be pleased to know that there is a locally produced board game available in which silence and contemplation are not only common, they’re mandatory.