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Velesova knjiga: The Book of Veles: the oldest document on the Slavs and a great selection of similar Used, New and Collectible Books available now at. 4 авг Велесова књига у PDF фopмату / Velesova knjiga u PDF formatu: Велесова књига. Velesova knjiga /​ prevod i komentari Radivoje Pešić. Other Authors. Pešić, Radivoje. Published. Beograd: Izdavač Pišić i sinovi, Physical Description . v.

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Most of the scholars that velesova knjiga in the field of mythological studies and Slavic linguistics such as Boris RybakovAndrey ZaliznyakLeo Kleinand all Russian academic historians and linguists consider it a forgery.

Book of Veles

After the second darkness there was great frost and we moved to velesova knjiga for many places there were grassy He managed to transcribe velesova knjiga of the planks. This page was last edited on 16 Julyat This book of Veles we dedicate to our god, in whom is [our] refuge and [our] strength. In other projects Wikimedia Commons.

Several centuries appear to pass without much commotion. Velesova knjiga praise Svaroggrandfather of gods who is to whole gods’ kin forefather and creator of everything living, eternal spring that flows evlesova the summer and everywhere and in winter and never it velesova knjiga.

Велесова књига / Velesova knjiga

By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Velesova knjiga. Regardless, some Slavic neopagans use it as their sacred text.

We sing and dance to him and call god of ours to EarthSun and stars constantly velesova knjiga light knuiga. The earliest events in the book could be dated around the 7th century BC and the latest happened in the 9th century AD.


And with that living water he nourishes and life gives to us until we reach the blessed fields of paradise. Enemies are not as numerous as we are, for we are Rus’ and they are not. The size and shape of the letters are different, suggesting that more than one person wrote the text. Consequently, a large part of the book’s text, once transcribed into a modern alphabet, is readable albeit with velesova knjiga difficulty by modern speakers of Slavic languages. CS1 Russian-language sources ru CS1 Ukrainian-language sources uk Articles containing Ukrainian-language text All articles with unsourced statements Velesova knjiga with unsourced statements from May For fifteen years Mirolyubov restored, photographedtranscribed as photographs proved to be unreadable and finally translated the text.

To god Svetovid glory velesova knjiga are exalting for he is the god of Prav and Jav and to him we sing the song for velesova knjiga is the light with which we see the world. These features ve,esova to indicate that the text was artificially “aged” by someone with superficial knowledge of ancient Slavic, and cannot be adequately translated because of lack of any consistent grammar system. Later the text was studied by Velesova knjiga Paramonov Lesnoy.

Velesova knjiga – Google Books

The text is velesova knjiga below the lines, rather than above. So we could get away from danger. Velesova knjiga we meet forefathers our and mothers that in Svarga herds are grazing and trusses fastening. Velesvoa text is carved into the planks and later covered with some coloring.

According to lnjiga Book of Veles, in the 10th century BC “thirteen hundred years before Ermanaric “pre-Slavic velesova knjiga lived in the “land of seven rivers beyond the sea” possibly corresponding to Semirechyesoutheastern Kazakhstan. Moreover, different modern editions of the book velesova knjiga different versions of its text.


In Ukraine, whereas academic scholars agree that the velesova knjiga is a hoax, it became very popular among politicians who consider it genuine and believe it describes real historical facts relevant for establishing Ukrainian ethnicity.

Others believe that either the entire book or the only plank available, were forged in the early 19th century by the Russian collector and forger Alexander Sulakadzev.

We are looking and in Jav we are, and he from Nav guards us and therefore praise we velesova knjiga him.

Book of Veles – Wikipedia

velexova Document forgery Archaeological forgeries Literary forgeries Fakelore Slavic neopaganism Neopagan texts Religious hoaxes. Two beings in skies Belobog and Crnobog are And both of them Svarog holds and commands velesova knjiga. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

Retrieved 7 Velesova knjiga The book describes the migration of the Slavs through Syria and eventually velesova knjiga the Carpathian mountainsduring the course of which velesofa were briefly enslaved by the king “Nabsur” Nabonassar? Later this refusal to permit others to study these texts would lead people to suspect them as forgeries.

May he hug us like children for this has been knjiva We pray and bow to velesova knjiga first Triglav velesova knjiga to him we sing a great glory. We went to southern Some planks were partially or mostly rotten.